Jeffrey Dahmer & Ottis Toole Held John Walsh’s Son “Captive” Before Murder

Police are convinced Ottis Toole kidnapped Adam Walsh while the youngster was shopping with his mom at a Hollywood, Florida, mall on July 27, 1981, but one investigator claims the convicted serial killer worked with his sick pal Jeffrey Dahmer to commit the crime.

Author Arthur Jay Harris made the chilling connection in his book Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh, in which he claimed to have details about the kidnapping of American’s Most Wanted host John Walsh’s son.

According to Harris, Adam convinced his mom into letting him play video games at the arcade inside the mall, but when older kids wouldn’t give him a turn on the machines, he left the arcade to find his mom.

That’s when the six-year-old boy was grabbed by Dahmer, who was living in the area at the time, says the book.

The serial killer threw Adam into a van and drove to a Miami Beach house or apartment where Dahmer and Toole were keeping about 12 children captive — two girls and the rest boys ages 4 to 7 — claims the author.

The ghouls also had other “children’s severed heads” in ice buckets, Harris continued.

The book alleges that the psycho pals planned to “sell the children on ‘the flesh market.” Harris says Adam was kept chained to a wall or bound, blindfolded, and gagged in a closet. He also says the boy was allegedly tortured.

Two weeks after the abduction, a child’s severed head was found in a drainage canal.

Authorities have always claimed the chilling remains belonged to Adam and that Toole was responsible for the brutal slaying. Like his buddy Dahmer, the serial killer died in prison in 1996. He was never convicted of Adam’s murder.

“John Walsh is comfortable saying that Toole, who confessed to the murder, was Adam’s abductor,” cop-turned-private eye Paul Huebl said in an interview after the book’s release.

“Nobody investigated the case more than John Walsh himself — and he had the power of the FBI and America’s Most Wanted on his side.”

Huebl accuses Harris of being “an opportunist whose greed to sell a book comes at the price of hurting the Walsh family.” However, the author isn’t the only one who believes Dahmer was connected to Adam’s slaying.

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