Shania Twain Reveals Dinner with Oprah Winfrey Went Sour After Religion Discussion

Shania Twain has sung high praise after meeting Harry Styles, claiming he “smells so good.” After teaming up with the “huggable” “Watermelon Sugar” hitmaker at Coachella earlier this year, the “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” singer heaped praise on his scene and personality.

“He smells so good, he’s so huggable. Yes, he is. He’s just a really genuine, nice person. And I think that’s really, I mean, obviously, he’s very talented. But people love him. He’s likeable. And I think he earned that likability…It was a beautiful moment. It really was. I enjoyed it a lot. It was very genuine,” she said when appearing on the “Table Manners with Jessie Lennie Ware” podcast.

While the country pop legend had high praise for Harry’s odour, the same can’t be said for another former co-star of sorts after a horse answered the call of nature in the middle of a performance. She recalled, “One time this horse had the biggest poo on stage. I’m talking about a giant steamy, huge pile of poop.”

“So I’m thinking this is a very formal room. You know, velvet, plush velvet seating and very formal theatre, right? The horse s**** on stage. Yeah. So All I could say was, ‘S*** happens.’ That’s great. I just thought okay, now can we be done with that? Other than the odor? Let’s just move on with the song.”

Meanwhile, Shania also reflected on a “memorable” dinner she enjoyed with chat show legend Oprah Winfrey and admitted things got awkward when the subject of religion came up.

She said, “Well, I did have, I think one of my most memorable dinners was with Oprah Winfrey. I mean, she’s such a smart lady. And, you know, it was just great to just sit and have real talks, you know, and, but as soon as we started talking about religion, it all went sour.”

“I’m not religious, in the sense that I’m dedicated to a religion. I’m very much more of a spiritual person. I’m much more of an inner. I’m a seeker. I would say I’m a seeker.”

“People always say don’t debate politics or religion and it just wasn’t debatable. There was no room for debate. And I like to debate Canadians like to debate about it, you know, debate everything. So I’m like, ‘Oh, okay. Sounds great, change subject.’ “

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