Seven Women Plummet into a Pit as Backyard Ground Collapses – VIDEO

These seven dancing ladies are fortunate to have only escaped with only minor scrapes after they fell into a pit in the backyard of a home in the northeastern Brazilian city of Alagoinhas.

Footage of the frightening accident shows the women forming a small circle with their arms wrapped around each other as they danced to a song at a birthday party on Saturday. 

The concrete pavement suddenly cracked and sent them crashing into a hole.

Gabriela Carvalho, 38, told Brazilian news outlet G1 that they felt the ground shake at her grandmother’s home, but didn’t pay it too much attention as they continued to dance. 

‘Then when we really fell for good, that’s when I realized the seriousness of the situation,’ she said. 

Carvalho felt for a quick second that they were going to drop further into the pit.

‘It was horrible. I thought we weren’t going to come back,’ she said. ‘We really dived. I even thought that it was going to stop at another place as we went down.’

A separate video showed several male attendees at the party reaching to help the victims crawl out of the pit.

One of the women who had fallen into the hole can be seen covered in debris and helping one of her dancing partners climb out.

Carvalho’s 15-year-old daughter Laura Oliveira was standing near her and recorded the scary fall. She shared the video on one of her social media accounts without knowing that it would go viral.

‘I actually posted it … because something much worse could have happened,’ Oliveira said.

The accident didn’t dampen their mood as the dancers, cleaned up, changed clothes and gathered for a group photo and continued the party.

Carvalho’ s grandmother is already working on covering up the cracked pavement to make sure the area will be safe enough for the celebration of another party in October.

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