Woman Dies After Falling 50 Feet from Hawaii Waterfall

A woman died after falling around 50 feet from a waterfall in Honolulu, Hawaii earlier this week.

Officials shared in a statement that the woman, who was in her 30s, fell from Luakaha Falls in Nuuanu on Thursday, Sept 22. Crews with Honolulu Emergency Medical Services and Honolulu Fire Department responded to a call that a hiker was injured at 12:13 PM. They arrived on the scene, just off Nuuanu Pali Drive, only 13 minutes later.

A total of five units responded to the accident. Several units attended to the victim while one established a landing zone for an incoming helicopter. When rescuers arrived, they found the woman unconscious and bystanders performing CPR.

Paramedics took over the woman’s care and eventually airlifted her to a landing zone at a nearby water pumping station. And from there, an ambulance transported her to a local hospital.

The victim reached the ER at 12:35 alive but still unconscious. Doctors were not able to resuscitate her and later pronounced her dead.

The Honolulu Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the woman as 27-year-old Christyn Fragas of Kapolei.

Fragas died after falling approximately 40 to 50 feet from Luakaha Falls in Nuuanau on Thursday, Sept. 22. The official cause and manner of her death is still pending, the ME’s office said.

Originally, the statement said that the woman had fallen from Lulumahi Falls, but they later corrected their statement.

Laukaha Falls is located in the Honolulu Forest Watershed. The area is restricted under the DLNR Forestry and Wildlife Division, which means hikers need a permit to enter.

The Death Was the Second to Happen at the Hawaii Waterfall in Five Years

Sadly, Thursday’s death was the second to happen at the popular Hawaii waterfall in recent years. In 2017, a 32-year-old woman died after falling from the same location.

Firefighters responded to a call that the victim had plunged nearly 50 feet from the waterfall on Luakahu Falls Trail at about 12:40 PM on Thursday, April 14. Rescuers arrived on the scene at 12:47 PM, and within 10 mins they found her unconscious at the base of the falls. She also had no pulse and was not breathing.

EMS airlifted the woman to Nuuanu Reservoir where an ambulance was waiting to transfer her to a Hawaii hospital. The victim was alive when she arrived, but she later succumbed to her injuries.

The Honolulu Medical Examiner later identified the woman as Jennifer Allen of Honolulu. Police investigated the incident as an unattended death and later determined that Allen was hiking along the trail and had tripped and fallen into a pool of water below.

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