Man Killed While Riding Motorcycle After Colliding with Buzzard

A Tennessee man was struck and killed by a buzzard while he happened to be riding his motorcycle on Thursday.

WKRN reported that the accident took place in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Karl Tillar, 41, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, was aboard his Suzi GSX motorcycle. He was going northbound near the intersection of Highway 241 and Red Hill Center Road at around 3 p.m.

A buzzard would hit Tillar in the head, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle. He ended up running off the road. Reportedly, the motorcycle went through a fence and even multiple trees. It would come to a stop in the field.

Meanwhile, Tillar was thrown from his Suzi GSX and would die from his injuries. No other information about the accident has been released at this time.

What Are The Differences Between A Buzzard And A Vulture?

While looking at many different types of birds, there appear to be some differences between buzzards and vultures. What are they, you might be asking?

Vultures appear to be large, bald birds able to sniff out the decaying flesh of animals. They will then get to chomping down on some carcasses for food. But buzzards are smaller than vultures. They happen to prefer to hunt, attack, and eat their prey.

They will do this while creatures are still alive, but they’ll also eat dead ones, too. If you drive in a state like Texas, then you will probably see them swoop down along roadsides. Buzzards can be seen in the air making circles around their prey.

Then, they will come on down and pick and peck away at the carcasses. Sometimes, these animals will be armadillos that have been struck by cars.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit for you to consider. Both buzzards and vultures happen to be scavengers. Yet they will not be dangerous to humans or, in fact, even small pets.

They probably will be leaving your little dogs alone so don’t worry about them. Yet if these birds happen to feel threatened either by a human or even another animal, what do they do? They will either bite or possibly even vomit.

Buzzards are quite interesting to watch in action. They happen to appear like they are some majestic beasts. But in reality, they don’t look that good. Yet watching them fly around and circle their pretty could be worth paying attention to as an observer.

As we have pointed out, there are differences between vultures and buzzards. Yet the fact that buzzards are so interesting to observe makes them unique in the world of birds. Be on the lookout for this bird. Especially when you are driving or even out in the country.

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