Man Faces the Death Penalty for Smuggling Drugs in His Anus

On September 6, diving instructor Graham Welton Jeffrey Huynh – who also uses the name Jeff Welton – was arrested at Denpasar International Airport in Bali after having travelled from Vietnam.

The 51-year-old was allegedly found with an amount of heroin hidden in his anus, and is now facing drug possession and importation charges.

Huynh is accused of having had 8.09 grams of heroine hidden in a condom in his anus, as well as carrying a small amount of methamphetamine.

He now faces a maximum life sentence for possessing over five grams of drugs, according to Article 112, subsection two of the narcotics law.

However, the 51-year-old also faces the maximum death penalty for importing over five grams of narcotics.

Huynh’s arrest was confirmed on September 24, by the head of Bali Narcotic Agency, Gede Sugianya Dwi Putra, to News Corp Australia.

However, a press conference has yet to be held and is anticipated to take place next Thursday, September 29, according to Dwi Putra.

His lawyer told reporters: “He is an addict. He put eight grams of heroin in his body. He took from Vietnam to Indonesia. Urine test from him was positive for heroin.”

If Pangkahila can prove Huynh isn’t a dealer, but a drug addict and user, then he may be able to get his client a lighter sentence and rehabilitation, as opposed to jail time.

He said: “As the lawyer, we are working on it and hopefully he can get rehabilitation. He is a drug user who has been severely addicted to heroin. He really needs rehabilitation.”

“We have requested the narcotic agency to conduct an assessment for his drug addiction.”

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