Boy, 12, Burnt Alive by Father for Refusing to Finish Homework

A father has been arrested after setting fire to his 12-year-old son for not doing his homework. Shaheer Khan, from Karachi, Pakistan, died of his injuries two days after his father Nazir set him alight after pouring kerosene over him.

The cruel act had apparently been intended to scare the lad into doing his work. It was confirmed by Pakistani police that he was insisting on going out to fly his kite instead of doing the homework.

However, as the furious father lit a match to complete the terrifying threat, the oil caught light.

Shaheer was set ablaze and his desperate screams caused his mother, Shazia, to rush in and help her husband try and put out the flames by throwing blankets over their son.

Tragically, their efforts failed and the boy died of his injuries in hospital on September 16. He had sustained severe burns all over his body.

Shazia has now announced that she will file a case against her husband, who was arrested on Monday. Local police officer Salim Khan told Pakistani media that Nazir had demanded his son answer questions about his schoolwork.

After the boy gave “unsatisfactory answers” he tipped the fuel over the child’s head and lit a match in order to scare him, an act which Nazir admitted to cops.

He has confessed to the crime and has a court date set for 24 September. The incident took place in the Orangi Town area of Karachi, which has a population of around three million. It is widely believed to be Asia’s largest slum, spread across an area equivalent to 4,500 Wembley pitches.

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