Teen is Crushed by Forklift at His New Job

Zach Richardson’s father, from Hubberts Bridge, UK, described his son as having a “heart of gold” who didn’t “even get to spend his first pay check” following the tragic incident.

The eighteen-year-old was killed by a forklift truck on a farm after working there for less than a month.

Zach Richardson was found trapped between the truck and a wall at Elm Farm where he worked.

Norfolk’s senior coroner Jacqueline Lake confirmed the cause of his death as “compression asphyxia”, reports stated.

Zach began working for Lincolnshire Firewood Company as a yardman a month prior to his death. He had completed two days of formal forklift training. Zach and his supervisor were at the site on the day of the accident. The supervisor left the job site for a while in order to pick up a car. On his return to the site, he found Zach trapped between a forklift truck and a wall.

Zach was declared dead at the scene after emergency services were called to the incident.

An investigation has been launched regarding Zach’s training and the “servicing of the two forklift trucks”.

Scott Ekins, who trained Zach to use forklifts, said it was “clear to him he had been” on one before.

He added that the teenager “seemed very level-headed”, “asked a lot of questions”, “took notes” and “on the day he was the most fluent out of the three (candidates)”.

Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel, Attorney for Zach’s family, said the forklift truck was fitted with a seat sensor which should have stopped it from moving when nobody was in the driver’s seat.

Gumbel added: “The seat sensor didn’t work as it must have moved when he (Zach) wasn’t in it, as he was crushed between the wall and the truck. There must’ve been an issue with the sensor”.

The investigation into the accident is ongoing…

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