Tim Allen Blasted for Joe Biden Joke on Twitter

It’s hardly a secret that Tim Allen is a staunch, Trump-supporting member of the Republican Party. The 69-year-old’s political views have gotten him into hot water in recent years, but less so over his general party affiliation and more so because he tends to cram his foot into his mouth over and over again by saying things like being a conservative in Hollywood is like “living in 1930s Germany.”

And yet, Allen never seems to learn his lesson, which is why here we are once again.

On Monday, the Santa Clauses star took to Twitter to poke fun at President Joe Biden’s recent appearance on 60 Minutes. But rather than take umbrage with Biden’s eyebrow-raising claim that “the pandemic is over” (developing nations would like a word, sir), Allen, unfortunately, pandered to much lower hanging fruit to roast the president.

“Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was,” Allen tweeted, echoing everyone’s least favorite uncle at Thanksgiving dinner this year, probably.

Lame joke aside from the so-called comedian, the unfortunate flaw in Allen’s logic is that 60 Minutes is actually 43 minutes long when you factor in 17 minutes for commercials. But beyond that, once his tweet began to go viral, no shortage of people piled on Allen to school him on how to actually eviscerate someone on Twitter.

And comparatively, to even Joe Biden, there is no shortage of material to roast Allen on — from the fact that his best days are behind him to getting 86’ed from Lightyear.

But by far, the biggest takeaway from the bad joke was people bringing up Allen’s, shall we say, checkered past.

In 1978, Allen was arrested at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport for possession of nearly a pound and a half of cocaine. The former Home Improvement star was facing possible life imprisonment but ended up serving a reduced sentence of just over two years after providing federal agents with the names of drug dealers he was working with.

“Reminder: If Tim Allen had been a Black man he’d STILL be in prison for dealing all that cocaine,” tweeted one user, as others followed suit.

“Don’t you hate it when your drug dealer gets political?” tweeted Bleacher Report writer Tyler Conway. “Just drop the stuff off and leave man.”

Anyway, The Santa Clauses premieres with a two-episode Disney Plus event on Nov. 16. In the meantime, Allen is clearly doing his part to hype the project!

10 thoughts on “Tim Allen Blasted for Joe Biden Joke on Twitter

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    1. I think that Tim’s comment on Hollywood is spot on. The Left does tolerance like no one else on EarthTim’s schtick IS lame jokes, yeah he breathes air too. You have him ‘dead to rights’ on the 43 minutes Sherlock. What a waste of time: this nasty hit-piece is typical character assassination from the Left.

  1. …what biased scum wrote this piece? I thought the joke was hilarious. What a hideous writer. Who publishes or republishes this kind of tripe?

  2. I thought we were in America? Being a Republican in America is like living in 1930 Germany. You can’t say anything without crap journos writing crap hit pieces on you. Tim was right he just didn’t go far enough.

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, Tim Allen is funny! His jabbing Biden is good, we need to see more of that! You go Tim!!!

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