Pissed Off Tom Brady Angrily Throws Helmet, Smashes Tablet on the Sideline

Tom Brady did not have a great first half against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2. By the time the game was a few minutes into the third quarter he had only completed 11 of 18 passes for 115 yards.

After a couple unsuccessful attempts Brady was visibly upset. By the time another drive ended with zero points he was ready to throw something besides a football on the sideline.

An angry Brady was seen yelling and throwing his helmet on the sideline.

Then he took some frustration out on a tablet.

Fans loved seeing an angry Brady on the sideline.

“You think people would be offended, but it’s a Microsoft tablet. Nobody that isn’t paid to use them uses them.”

“When you don’t have the NFC Pro Bowl roster to throw to anymore:”

“you love to see it. him and aaron rodgers should have a surface throwing contest”

“Saints have this man in hell every time lol”

“That man might just call Gisele home tonight and call it a career”

This is not the kind of afternoon that Brady imagined when he unretired. We learned today that he would be taking every Wednesday off for the rest of the season. If things don’t improve, Sundays could be next.

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  1. Every man reading this that that has had troubles with their loved one knows the stress that comes with it. Brady has been lucky to have won the first two games. He somehow needs to make amends with Giselle and get himself back on track.

  2. His wife is to blame……….she married a football player, and now she wants it to stop……If she was not happy as a football wife, then why did she not leave 3 kids ago…….she just wants control over his life and is going to make his life miserable till he quits……

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