Kate Winslet Rushed to the Hospital After Accident on Film Set

Kate Winslet was taken to hospital this weekend after injuring her leg on the set of her new film in Croatia.

The actress, 46, who plays legendary American photojournalist Lee Miller in the flick, was filming in the village of Kupari when she lost her footing. 

Photos obtained by the Croatian press show the star arriving at Dubrovnik Hospital in a black van while accompanied by a number of people.

Kate was checked by medics and was given the all-clear to head home.

A representative for the screen star told MailOnline: ‘Kate slipped and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure required by the production. 

‘She is fine and will be filming, as planned, this week.’   

Kate was announced as the star of a new biopic about Vogue cover model-turned-war correspondent Lee Miller in 2020.

The film, called Lee, will follow the life and experiences of the photojournalist as she travels to the frontline of World War II and tries to expose the horrific truths of the Nazis.

Throughout her journey she then comes to realise the truths of her own past.

The film will be directed by Ellen Kuras who was the cinematographer of Kate’s 2004 hit film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which also starred Jim Carrey.

It is adapted from the book The Lives of Lee Miller, written by Lee’s son, Antony Penrose. 

Oscar-winning actress Kate, who is also producing the film, previously said of her role: ‘A woman I admire tremendously and whom I am so thrilled to be playing in this film. An extreme lover, thinker, life liver, cook, Vogue cover girl, war correspondent, icon, mother.’ 

Kate was fighting fit as she shot underwater scenes for her new role in the upcoming Avatar movie earlier this month.  

The role involves her getting back in the water tank to shoot underwater scenes – after previously ending up with hypothermia.

Kate, who is best known for portraying Rose in Titanic, spent months in the water while filming the emotional 1997 movie and was left ill because of it.

But that hasn’t stopped the star from positively thriving in her new role in the Avatar sequel The Way Of Water.

The Oscar-winning actress plays Ronal – one of the underwater beings closely related to the Na’vi.  

Producer Jon Landau was in London on Wednesday to screen some footage and (very gently) start to beat the drums to promote his new sci-fi blockbuster.

He told Daily Mail’s Alison Boshoff: ‘Kate broke a free-diving record among the cast. It was six minutes 50-something — but for Kate we agreed to call it seven. She was phenomenal.’   

Kate was apparently particularly delighted to beat Tom Cruise, who famously performs his own stunts and managed a six-minute free dive while making Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in 2015.

Young actress Bailey Bass who plays Ronal’s daughter Tsireya in The Way Of Water, said: ‘Kate holds the record — she set it during training. I managed six minutes and 30 seconds.’

All the cast went through dive training to prepare for the picture which is set over a decade after the events of the first film.

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