Woman Strangles 74-year-old Mother After Posting Heartwarming Tribute

A retired NYPD cop allegedly strangled and murdered her elderly mother in their Staten Island home, authorities said. The former cop had posted a long tribute for her mother on her own birthday.

According to the New York Post, Mauri Belarmino was at home on Ramapo Avenue in Rossville when she got into a heated argument with her 74-year-old mother Sherylyn Bailey and choked her to death on Saturday, September 10.

As per the outlet, cops found Bailey unconscious in the home, and she was declared dead at the scene by EMS workers. The 40-year-old former officer had worked on the Staten Island ferry detail during her eight-year NYPD tenure.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, September 13, Bailey’s death was ruled a homicide by strangulation, cops said. Belarmino was charged with murder and strangulation on Wednesday, September 14.

She had paid tribute to her mother, who was on the board of directors of Historic Richmond Town, on Facebook. In a long post dated July 27, Mauri wrote, “My mom. We’ve been through it but she’s always been there for me when it counts. And I want to be there for her. I inherited some of her dreams, so I know the pain of being ‘almost there’ in terms of ‘greatness.’ But she already is great. She is amazing. She taught so many kids how to be better citizens. And she always believed in me. She always saw me.”

She added, “I want to be able to spoil her, and maybe one day I will. Or maybe she’ll get a boo, that would be so cute. That’s up to God. But I will let her know how much I admire her wisdom and how much her love keeps me going for as long as I can.”

To which, her mother had replied in the comments, “Wow! This is so profound. What a come to Jesus moment to see yourself, to see Him, to find joy and to love yourself! I’m not afraid for you anymore. I am so proud of you my little girl. The only time you really hurt me is when you were born and your big shoulders were coming out! Lol! Keep living and keep loving! 40 looks good on you!”

As per the authorities, Belarmino, who had retired in 2016, was arrested and booked for with murder charges. The mother and daughter have a reported history of domestic fights, according to the cops. The NYPD last had responded to a domestic incident involving the pair in 2018. However, Belarmino has record of earlier arrests, cops said. 

A neighbor, identified as John, said, “How do you kill your mother by strangling her? That girl’s gotta be sick,” he said, adding, “To me it’s probably the most rage-fueled way to murder someone, to take their life in your hands and snuff it out. That rage is unspeakable.” 

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