Wendy Williams Rushed to Hospital After She “Almost Died”

Wendy Williams was rushed to the hospital and received two blood transfusions after she was found “unresponsive” at her Manhattan apartment. The scary incident went down in May 2020 when her friends discovered the embattled talk show host “at death’s door” due to her alleged alcohol addiction.

DJ Boof is said to have discovered Wendy in a “catatonic” state and staring at the ceiling in a soiled robe inside her home. Her then-manager, Bernie Young, allegedly refused to call for help because he didn’t want the 911 call to be made public.

“I don’t think he understood the extent of what was going on, and I don’t think he wanted it to get out that she was not well, and he definitely didn’t want a 911 call like [what] happened a year later,” a pal and eyewitness told reporters, who broke the story.

As reported, Wendy was hospitalized for “psychiatric services” in September 2021.

The source revealed that the former Wendy Williams Show host’s apartment was in disarray due to her alleged addiction.

“It was pretty much a mess. It was a mess,” the insider spilled. “She was in her robe, it was soiled, she was catatonic, she was in a very, very bad state. She was looking at the ceiling. She was just not responsive, but her eyes were open, but she was definitely in a catatonic state.”

Liquor was reportedly found all over her apartment until her pals took action.

“A case of alcohol, open wine bottles and Ketel One” were discovered on the scene, according to the source. “We started clearing out a lot of liquor,” they explained.

The eyewitness claimed DJ Boof desperately pled with Young to call 911 and gave Wendy ice chips to help keep her hydrated.

“She’s going to die. She literally couldn’t stand up,” the pal recalled. “She was just lying on top of the covers, and she needed 911 help, and [Young’s] like, ‘We’re not getting 911.’”

Wendy’s ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, and their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., jumped into action by getting on the phone and begging for aid.

“Kevin and Kevin Jr. were both saying, ‘Please, come on, mom. Let [Ron and his team] come up,” the insider added. “Get some help.”

DJ Boof allegedly drove Wendy to the hospital where she received two blood transfusions because she was “so low on iron.” The talk show host reportedly had “no recollection” of the events that happened.

“Boof was the savior of her f–—- life,” the source stated, adding he went back to her apartment and got rid of the alcohol.

The scary incident has been brought to light after it was revealed Wendy is seeking treatment. Reports reveal that she is currently in rehab.

Her publicist confirmed that Wendy checked into a “wellness facility” to “manage her overall health issues” earlier this week. She did not mention anything about Wendy’s alleged alcohol dependency.

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