Chilling Twist in Case of Missing Woman Who “Cut Off Own Foot”

New details in the case of the missing female fraudster accused of stealing millions from her clients have emerged two years after her disappearance.

Melissa Caddick, 49, vanished on 12 November 2020 a day after cops and The Australian Securities and Investments Commission raided her home in the wealthy suburb of Dover Heights, Sydney.

Three months later, her rotting foot was mysteriously found washed up on Bournda Beach, some 250 miles south of the capital.

Police assumed the gruesome discovery meant she was dead – although other extraordinary theories have also begun to swirl.

It has been speculated that Caddick may have cut off her own foot in a bid to throw authorities off the track.

She is alleged to have swindled at least £7.3 million ($8.4 million US) in invested funds from over 60 clients, including family and friends, to subsidize her extravagant lifestyle.

The businesswoman is said to have been operating a Ponzi scheme, while her parents even claimed she scammed them into purchasing a property.

A judicial investigation into the mysterious case is now underway at New South Wales State Coroner’s Court examining the circumstances surrounding her suspected death.

It has now emerged that Caddick’s husband Anthony Koletti was previously a suspect in her disappearance, reported.

Counsel assisting the coroner Louise Coleman told the inquest three officers suspected her spouse may have been involved.

She explained they had spoken with Caddick’s son, referred to as Witness B, as he was the last person to see her alive.

Sergeant Trent Riley, who is set to give evidence, said in a statement that Koletti had made several “strange” remarks following the 49-year-old’s disappearance.

Coleman said: “He states that Mr. Koletti had told him several lies, that his story had changed multiple times, and that he made ‘strange and unusual comments about different aspects of his version’.”

Another constable also raised concerns about Koletti saying he had checked the cliffs of Dover Heights for his missing wife.

Caddick is said to have told a friend she would “end it” at that spot during a walk, at a time when she appeared to be under financial pressure.

But Koletti had already told officers Caddick had been fine the night before and did not suffer from any mental health issues.

And he even said if she was hiding out, she would likely be staying at the Meriton at Bondi Junction, despite there being no record of her ever residing there.

The coroner also received a police document stating an unnamed officer “was of the view that Koletti had likely killed the deceased.”

But Detective Sergeant Michael Foscholo, who was heading up the investigation, said he found “no evidence to support the theory.”

The detevtive instead said he was “of the personal view that (Caddick) has taken her own life shortly after leaving the house.”

Koletti has never been charged in connection with her disappearance.

But Coleman pointed out many “inconsistencies” in his story were not “identified or pursued” by New South Wales Police.

The court heard that cops didn’t examine Ms Caddick’s mansion or the cars owned by the couple until 19 days after she vanished.

Koletti also did not make a statement to police until November 13, over 24 hours after Caddick went missing.

Another officer described him as having a “composed, relaxed and seemingly uncaring persona” while his account “did not seem to make sense.”

Koletti told officers he had woken at 6:00am to find Caddick had left, describing it as “completely out of character”.

Authorities are liquidating the missing 49-year-old’s assets, including her multimillion-dollar home, two luxury cars and designer clothes.

Koletti has filed a Federal Court claim of entitlement over matrimonial property on the basis of his “financial and non-financial contributions”.

The businesswoman’s rotting foot washed up on Bournda Beach

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