Customer Finds Maggots in McDonald’s Burger

Would you like flies with that?

A UK woman was not luvin’ it after a fly allegedly flew out of her McDonald’s cheeseburger, leaving behind a litter of maggots. Facebook footage detailing her “burger and flies” claim has racked up thousands of comments, shares and “free protein” jokes online.

“Went to open my double cheeseburger to hear buzzing and to my surprise I open the wrapper and a fly flies out and found loads of fly eggs, I feel absolutely sick!” fumed Georgia Poole, 18, in her impromptu anti-Mickey Dees PSA. “If I hadn’t …heard the fly I would [have] ate them! Completely put me off! Please always check before you eat!”

The stomach-churning incident occurred Sept. 6, while the Birmingham, England native was visiting her local Golden Arches branch. Ostensibly hoping to save cash, the veterinary nurse’s assistant opted for a cheeseburger from the Dollar Menu.

However, she realized all was not right during her drive home when she allegedly heard a suspicious buzzing sound coming from her takeaway bag.

Alarmed, Poole opened up her bag, whereupon she allegedly spotted a fly.

And that was only the tip of the disco rice-berg: A further inspection of the order revealed a nursery of “wriggling” maggots lurking beneath the pickle of her burger. Accompanying footage posted to Facebook shows the tiny white larvae squirming about in the melted cheese atop the gherkin and riddling the rim of the bun.

“I just keep thinking if I hadn’t seen that fly, I would have eaten it,” Poole claimed. “I am trying to get my head around the fact of how McDonald’s have managed to wrap up an alive fly.”

Poole said she attempted to contact the McDonald’s outlet responsible but to no avail: “I’m just utterly disgusted by this, it has left me in total shock.”

The traumatized teen has since contacted McDonald’s and the UK’s Food Standards Agency in an effort to escalate the complaint — and even kept the tainted cheeseburger in a container as evidence. In the interim, she shared her story on Facebook, where appalled commenters commiserated with her unHappy Meal ordeal.

“Hope you reported it to environmental health… That’s disgusting,” said one aghast viewer while another wrote, “Never eating at Maccies again.”

Meanwhile, one Facebook wit wrote, “Surprised you didn’t get charged for the extra topping.”

“As Bear Grylls would say ‘Free Protein,’” said another, referencing the survivalist TV host’s love of grabbing some literal “grub.”

McDonald’s has since addressed the incident in a statement, writing: “We are sorry to hear about the customer’s experience. Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.”

“We have carried out extensive investigations at the restaurant, including a third party expert, and no issues have been identified,” the burger giant added.

They claimed that they “asked the customer to return the item to allow us to continue investigations” but that she declined their request.

“Our customer services team will continue to liaise with the customer to help find a resolution,” they said.

Despite their Happy Meal-culpa, Poole said the “stomach-turning surprise” might’ve put her off the Golden Arches for life.

“I never want to eat McDonald’s again,” she declared. “To be honest, it has completely put me off eating from any takeaway service.”

She says she hopes to use the alleged puke-inducing saga “to warn as many people as I can to check their food before they eat it” so they don’t ingest grubs in their grub.

“I pray that no one has the traumatic experience that I did to open up a burger made from a big company that us people trust,” she said.

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  1. …the woman is lying. I don’t know what game she is playing, but it is virtually impossible for a McDonald’s burger to sit long enough to have a fly lay eggs or develop maggots….unless she purposefully kept the sandwich long enough for such a fraud to occur…

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