Woman Dies After Boyfriend Pretends to Have Cancer to Manipulate Her

Jennifer Joynt, a 36-year-old well-respected travel manager, was found dead in her home dealing with a ‘toxic partner’ who allegedly faked his cancer diagnosis.

Her whole life was turned upside down and “messed up” by a man who allegedly faked having stage four cancer to control her.

Jennifer was tragically found dead in her bed by her dad, after he forced his way into her home in Manchester, UK on February 26, report show.

Her family became concerned about her after they hadn’t heard from her in days.

An investigation into her death, held at South Manchester Coroner’s Court, heard Jennifer had experienced problems with her mental health in the past. The court heard that family and friends supported her during these difficult periods of her life.

The investigation also outlined that while there were signs Jennifer was considering suicide, she did not appear to have taken her own life. Tributes to Jenni praised her abundance of energy, and described her as “someone who would simply light up a room”.

Notes addressed to her family and friends in notebooks were found by police, scattered around her room. There were also notes on her phone, as well as video messages recorded for her loved ones, in the months before her death.

Police found that while some of these notes had been edited on her mobile, there was nothing to indicate they were true indications that she intended to take her own life.

Similar notes had also been written on other occasions, which had not led to her attempting to take her own life.

There was evidence that Jennifer had attempted to purchase a particular drug, which has appeared in several other suicide inquests recently. While police were able to establish that most of the companies she reached out to had declined the sale.

There was one purchase attempt that had not been declined, but officers were unable to establish whether the sale had gone through and whether the substance was delivered.

Police said they could not find any evidence of packaging or a container for this substance in the home, although when Jennifer’s phone was unlocked by officers, they discovered that she had been visiting a site instructing her on what medications to take alongside this substance to take her own life.

Traces of these drugs were found within her system.

Professor Hunt, pathologist who performed the autopsy, confirmed the cause of death as aspiration of gastric contents. This means that food or fluid she had consumed had caused a blockage in her windpipe or lungs.

Toxicology results showed a range of non-lethal levels of various drugs in her system, but these were not highlighted as contributing factors to Jennifer’s death.

Jennifer’s mom, Margaret, told the court about her “bubbly and strong” daughter who “embraced life” and loved fitness and traveling.

However, she also said an extremely “toxic” relationship in the months before her daughter’s death consumed her, with the young woman unable to let go of her partner who allegedly faked having stage four cancer in a bid to control her.

After a tough few months of set-backs, things started to look up for Jennifer, with the young woman in the process of buying a new house, set to start a new job just weeks after her death, and even taking trips away with friends and making plans to spend time with those around her.

Her dad told the court his daughter spoke to people that were struggling and actively tried to help them and “just seemed to love life so much”, leaving her family feeling like she was finally turning a corner and starting to get better after a horrific ordeal.

Coroner Alison Mutch recorded a narrative conclusion that Jennifer died from complications of asphyxia, as it was impossible to tell on the balance of probabilities whether or not the young woman had ingested something in an attempt to take her own life.

Jennifer’s family established the Jenni Joynt Foundation, which aims to help others who have faced, or are facing similar mental health challenges to which she succumbed.

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