Horror Scenes as 5-Year-Old Boy Falls into Septic Tank and Drowns While Playing with Friends

A five-year-old boy tragically plunged into a septic tank and drowned while playing with his pals.

Tragic Levy William Nascimento took a fatal tumble at a wastewater treatment plant in Manaus, Amazonas state, northern Brazil.

The young boy had been playing with two friends at the closed Avelino Pereira Complex on Saturday after sneaking inside.

He is believed to have been on top of the cover of the septic tank when it caved in, sending him plummeting into the chamber.

According to the Fire Department, little Levy survived the substantial fall but terrifyingly got his arm trapped inside a suction pump.

The five-year-old was left stuck inside the septic tank as the water started to rise, while frantic locals rushed to help.

They entered the site in a bid to rescue the boy, but were forced to flee when the pump began to give off electrical discharges.

Residents cut the wires to the pump, but returned to sadly find Levy unresponsive and underwater.

Firefighters who attended the incident were unable to drain the large tank and struggled to gain access.

Emergency services contacted the city’s water services company, Aguas de Manaus, who then successfully removed the pump.

Levy’s lifeless body was rescued from the container some five hours after his fall, as the rescue mission continued into the night.

He had first plummeted into the septic tank at around 3pm, while his body was recovered at 8pm.

The five-year-old’s cause of death was recorded as drowning and transported to the Legal Medical Institute.

According to local media, Levy had been visiting the area from the neighborhood of São Conrado with his family.

Aguas de Manaus said in a statement that it was providing support to Levy’s loved ones.

Septic tanks are used to store waste for treatment in areas and sites that are not connected to a sewerage system.

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