Woman Fights Off Tiger with Bare Hands to Save Her Young Son

Archana Chaudhary, 25, and her 15-month-old son were in a field in India when the tiger sprang out of bushes and attacked them.

The big cat sank its powerful jaws around little Rajveer’s head but his mom rushed into action.

She began punching and kicking the tiger, ignoring the mauling she was getting from the animal, the Times of India reports.

Despite the tiger’s claws puncturing her lungs she kept fighting for two minutes until her screams were heard by villagers.

Her husband Bhola Chaudhary described what happened during the terrifying attack.

“Rajveer was sitting, and Archana was standing nearby,” he said

“Suddenly, a tiger emerged, picked Rajveer and started walking away.

“Archana ran after the tiger for about 5 meters, hitting the tiger with her hands to save her son. The tiger left the child and attacked Archana.”

After villagers used sticks to drive off the tiger, it eventually slinked back into the woods.

Both Archana and her son were rushed to hospital, where they are being treated for their wounds in the intensive care unit.

As well as a punctured lung, she also suffered injuries to her back, hands and abdomen.

A search is underway to find the tiger in order to drive it further back into its natural habitat in the forest tiger reserve.

Rajveer with his father Bolha at the hospital

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