Teen Runs Over Man in Wheelchair Despite Him Waving Stop

Pablo Antonio Avila-Banagas, 17, was arrested and charged with injury to a disabled person, failure to stop and render aid and unlawful possession of a firearm.

The 17-year-old’s arrest came six days after he was caught on camera plowing over a man in an electric wheelchair on the morning of September 3.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows the man in an electric wheelchair crossing a parking lot as a truck speeds into the frame. As the speeding truck gets closer, the man sitting in the wheelchair can be seen gesturing to the driver to slow down by waving his arm.

Instead of slowing down, the driver runs over the man, dragging him from the parking lot into the road and skipping a curb before speeding off.

Despite the driver immediately taking off, an Austin Fire Department truck was passing by at the time of the incident and stopped to provide emergency medical care.

Police then arrived around 10am after receiving a call about a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle.

The fire department and police immediately transported the victim, who has not been identified, to a nearby hospital. The victim was left with severe, life-threatening injuries, Austin Police said.

Antonio Avila-Banagas was caught and taken into custody on September 9, just six days after the horrific offense occurred.

He was booked into the Travis County jail and now faces charges that include failure to stop and render aid, injury to a disabled person, unlawful carry of a weapon and failure to identify in relation to this case.

Police in Austin continue to investigate the incident.

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  1. Here is another person with no respect for another human being, and had an unlawful firearm. First he should lose the vehicle he was driving and the handgun. His lose his driver’s license and have to pay ALL the hospital bill of the victim, plus given 5 years in jail and must at least two years.

  2. Since he made no effort to avoid the collision, or even slow down, I think the charges should include attempted manslaughter. The only way he can get out of that one would be to convince the jury he had good reasons for hitting the victim. That’s not likely to happen.

  3. Well, let’s see, karma is a “good thing”, so how about tying the little bastard to the bumper of his own truck and dragging him around that parking lot a few times – – sounds like a “just punishment” to me.

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