Candace Owens Says Hospital Took Her and Newborn Hostage

Conservative analyst and author Candace Owens claims staff at a Tennessee hospital attempted to hold her and her newborn daughter hostage after she gave birth earlier this summer – telling her she was not allowed to leave until they drew blood from the hours-old, perfectly healthy child.

Speaking exclusively with, the 32-year-old slammed staff at Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, while recounting the ’24 hours of torture’ she says she suffered after giving birth to her second child Louise on July 13.

The mother-of-two, who launches the new DailyWire+ podcast, Candace, on Monday, said the alleged mistreatment started after she declined antibiotics and contraction-inducing drugs while going into labor. She added that it culminated in staffers threatening to call child services on the right-wing commentator.

Owens – who married British Oxford grad George Farmer in 2019 – further accused staffers of engaging in a concerted effort to empty her wallet, by keeping her for over 48 hours so her stay was not covered by insurance.

When she refused, Owens says that a hospital pediatrician approached her and her husband as they tried to leave, callously telling the couple ‘that she watched a baby die in the 47th hour because her parents refused to stay.’

The pair ignored the staffer, Owens says – despite the workers’ false assertions that her insurance would likely not cover the visit if she went against medical advice and left.

When Owens responded that she didn’t care, a social worker employed by the hospital asked the couple to sign a document that said they were aware that The Department of Children’s Services (DCS) could pay them a visit for leaving against doctor’s orders, according to Owens.

The mother of two said she and her husband wanted to leave so badly because they ‘just wanted to sleep.’

Owens – who welcomed her first child in January 2021 – began the begrudged account Saturday by recalling how she declined both antibiotics and the contraction-inducing drug Pitocin while going into labor for the second time last July.

‘I had been very vocal about not wanting to be loaded up with unnecessary drugs during labor,’ the Republican firebrand shared, adding that both times she had given birth, not a single complication arose.

‘The doctor wanted me to take antibiotics, and I declined,’ Owens said.

‘Because I declined, they wanted me to stay in the hospital for 48 hours – and big coincidence, that’s the maximum amount that insurance will cover.’

That provided ‘incentive’, Owens said, saw several staffers level a series of reasons and potential repressions against the coupe – even after Owens successfully delivered a perfectly healthy, 7 pound, 3 ounce bundle of joy.

Owens recalled how the hospital’s head nurse warned her that ‘if [she left] before, [she would] be charged with a misdemeanor.’

That’s when the true torture really began, revealed Owens – describing how workers, whom she referred to as ‘the hospital mafia,’ harassed her in her room as she and the baby attempted to rest, repeatedly knocking on the door and doing ‘check-ins’ through all hours of the night.

One such check-in, Owens said, saw a staffer barge into the commentator’s room as she slept at 4 am, and ‘unclothe’ her sleeping baby ‘to weigh her naked on a cold scale.’

‘That’s what they do,’ Owens chided, adding that she had ‘wanted to leave after 24 hours’ – but was told ‘”you can’t leave until you take this test, until you get the antibiotics.”‘

She went on: ‘As a result, when we asked to leave after 24 hours of torture in the form of relentless knocks – the hospital mafia descended.’

After being hit with the misdemeanor threat, Owens  – who has said she isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19 and asserts that individuals, not health professionals, should have the ‘freedom to choose’ – conceded and gave her newborn’s blood.

However, with that said, Owens asserts that the experience has changed her outlook on the American hospital system, which she says she will strive to change using her platform as a political influencer and analyst, and on her new daily program for the Daily Wire, ‘Candace.’

‘We need to start to realize what the medical industry is and what it has become – a wire discussion in the era of Covid,’ Owens said.

‘So many parents and woman go through that, not in control of their child, feeling threatened. Doing that show will allow me to continue that discussion.’

She said that through her influence, as well as her connections with Congress, she will strive to change such laws so that ‘the state no longer has power over our own children.’

She added: ‘We can’t even decide if masking them is right.’

Moreover, Owens calls the doctors’ and nurses repeated assertions that they ‘know what is best for our children,’ as well as their veiled threats that if ‘you leave against medical advice, insurance might not cover stay’ and that ‘they how can also send CPS to your house,’  unconstitutional, and even ‘criminal.’

‘All can be done in a pediatrician’s office – they just want money,’ she said.

‘Guaranteed dollars – hearing test, blood test, getting temperature taken – when you get your bill that’s why.’

Owens, who faced backlash last year for comments making light of the pandemic, continued: ‘In the post Covid era, parents are apprehensive about how much control we have ceded to the state.

‘These are the discussions we need to have – the burden will be on the children. People shouldn’t have to be scared CPS will take their newborn kids away.’

‘It’s a peer pressure campaign,’ Owens said. ‘You’re no longer able to make a decision about your child, about yourself.’

She added that ‘if this can happen in Tennessee, it can happen anywhere. We have more big pharma lobbyists in DC than we have elected congressmen’ – who she declared were ‘all profit motivated.’

In the end, Owens said, insurance did cover the stay – and no charges were filed.

She says through her new show and media presence, she will now fight to call attention to how hospitals and other groups are neglecting parent’s wishes concerning their parenting methods.

‘I feel that burden since becoming a mother,’ Owens said. ‘I am a mother with a platform, I am a position where I can affect change, think about this other woman who can’t – for that 24 hours, we just want to sleep, and rest.’ 

She further fumed that ‘it is crazy that we do not have autonomy over newborn bodies’ – something she described as ‘so wrong, [and] so backwards.’

But in regard to the occurrence, she said she was ‘glad it happened,’ as ‘now it will affect change.’

Owens currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and two kids. She works for The Daily Wire as a political commentator and on-air personality, and recently began filming a new show for the outlet eponymously titled ‘Candace.’

The show airs days a week – and covers recurring topics ‘in society and pop culture,’ Owens said.

Owens had previously welcomed her first child in January 2021 which she said further impassioned her conservative views.

‘In a way, pregnancy has better focused me … many of these debates are no longer just political for me—they’re personal,’ Owens told The Daily Wire. 

‘The stakes seem much higher when you are starting a family. You realize that whatever decisions we land upon as a society will have real implications for your child’s future. 

‘Will my child grow up in the same America that I grew up in, with the same opportunities? I have a lot of anxiety about the answer to that question, which is being determined now.’

She also recalled how her stance on abortion had changed over the years, even describing the time she heard her son’s first heartbeat.  

‘I transformed my programmed stance on abortion years ago when I learned the truth about the abortion industry, the abortion process, and most importantly — when I learned the truth about an infant’s development in the womb,’ she said. 

‘I’ll never forget the moment I heard my baby’s heartbeat on the monitor for the first time at 11 weeks. It instantly brought tears to my eyes.

‘It was just this sudden realization that I was carrying life and I would do anything and everything to protect that life. 

‘The technology of an ultrasound is so advanced that at 11 weeks there were little arms and little legs swimming on the monitor.

‘In a profound moment like that, all of the political rhetoric and debate just fades away.

‘I can only describe it as a moment of inexorable truth. It’s powerful and transformative.’    

Owens and Farmer got married eight months after they met at the launch of Turning Point UK, a right-wing student group in the UK.

The two reportedly got engaged over a FaceTime call after just two-and-a-half weeks of dating.

They tied the knot in front of a host of fellow conservatives, including actor Jon Voight, radio host Larry Elder, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and Charlie Kirk, who founded right-wing Turning Point USA.

In some images from their wedding day posted to social media, the couple thanked Eric Trump for the ‘incredible venue and sunset’ in the captions, and revealed their simple white wedding cake was topped with a red ‘Make Weddings Great Again’ hat, which guests also wore later in the evening.

Eric Trump is the president of the winery, and oversees the company’s winemaking, marketing and global distribution, according to the Trump Winery website.

Pictures from their wedding show Owens in a traditional lace, floor length white gown with sleeves. Her hair was tied back in a loose half up, half down style and she wore a long veil.

After the ceremony she donned a red ‘MAGA’ hat and her new husband wore a light blue Brexit Party cap and smoked a huge cigar.

Both Owens and Farmer are controversial figures. In the UK he’s a vocal opponent of the EU and in the US Owens has come under fire for her comments on several political issues.  

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  1. If a head nurse told my lovely bride that she would be hit with a misdemeanor if she left the hospital, my first call would be to our primary care physician. He, like many Americans, is fully aware that medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the US and knows that much of the medical community is fallible. He would have stepped in and overridden many of the decisions the hospital staff were trying to make, mainly because he wants to practice medicine, rather than just rake in money.

  2. Does Candace realize that a PKU test is very important for newborns. Its one of the reasons that mother and newborn are kept in hospital.

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