Autopsy Reveals ‘Pop Idol’ Singer Died Choking on Chloroethane

A medical examiner determined that Darius Campbell Danesh’s unfortunate death was caused by suffocating on anesthetic medication. The West End performer and ‘Pop Idol’ star was discovered unconscious on August 11 in a US flat close to the Mayo Clinic’s specialized treatment facility

His family made the announcement of his passing after being informed that they would have to suffer through a torturous two-month wait to find out his exact cause of death. Now, there is at least some clarity about the reason for his demise.

The cause of Danesh’s death has been identified as an anesthetic drug called chloroethane, sometimes known as ethyl chloride, which is also used recreationally. According to autopsy records, his death was caused by “toxic effects of chloroethane,” the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office has revealed.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where Danesh was presumably getting treatment, has 1,265 beds and was founded in 1889. It specializes in cardiac therapy, transplantation, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and rehabilitation. It includes 70 operating rooms, 10 critical care units, and 1,265 beds. 

The majority of residents of the apartment building, where Danesh was staying, either work or get medical care at the Mayo Clinic’s Saint Marys Campus.

With 75 short-term or nightly rentals and around 270 long-term rentals, the building’s website describes it as Rochester’s “premier address for elegant short-term and long-term furnished suites and residential living.” But it is yet to be known if Danesh had a medical condition that was being treated by therapy or prescribed medicine. 

A tragic police dispatch call described the moment the celebrity was discovered unconscious in the residential building. The Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office identified the lifeless individual as Darius and Rochester Police Department said that it responded to a “deceased person call” at The Berkman at 11.53 am on August 11.

The dispatch call was reportedly made when a “medical” team was needed for a “possibly deceased” person. Minutes thereafter, an operator allegedly made another call and said: “No need for them to respond. We’ll be waiting for RPD [Rochester Police Department] to arrive on the scene. We’ll secure the residence.”

According to people close to him, Darius was very thrilled about the homecoming and UK comeback trip and was just weeks away from a reunion tour with his old ‘Pop Idol’ co-stars. The Sun stated that the show’s international stars, including Adam Lambert, the ‘American Idol’ winner and vocalist for Queen, were scheduled to be welcomed back for shooting by Thames TV at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End.

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