Rolling Stone Founder Explains Why He’s Convinced Tom Cruise is Gay

Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner is making a bombshell claim about Tom Cruise. Having met plenty of celebrities throughout his career in journalism, the media magnate believes that the actor is secretly gay.

In his upcoming memoir titled “Like a Rolling Stone”, Jann details his encounter with Tom which led him to believe that the “Mission: Impossible” star was hiding the alleged truth about his sexuality. The 76-year-old reveals he once wrote one Rolling Stone profile of the actor, which gave him a chance to meet Tom’s mother and sister.

At the time, Jann also went on a guided tour of a Scientology Center with Tom, whom he deems a cipher. “It seemed he was opening up, but in the end, he said nothing; he thoroughly deflects,” he recounts, according to Page Six. “You walk away thinking you know the guy, but all you know is that here is a confident and extremely polite man. He wouldn’t even reveal whether he was for or against [President] Bush.”

Taken aback by Tom’s super-secretive manner, Jann begins to question, “What the f**k is he guarding? Why is he in a super-secretive cult?” It further leads him to think, “He is a great talent. He is Super Tom. All his secrecy gave rise to the suspicion that he was gay.”

Jann, who was previously married to Jane Schindelheim and has three sons with his ex-wife before dating fashion designer Matt Nye since 1995, adds, “I never got a ping on my gaydar, but gay people persisted in what Bette [Midler] one night called ‘swishful thinking.’ “

In the new book, which is set to be released on September 13, Jann also drops a shocking allegation about Angelina Jolie. The former owner of Men’s Journal magazine, who once was also the owner of Us Weekly, claims that the actress was behind the beach photos that confirmed her secret relationship with Brad Pitt. Jann says the “Maleficent” star tipped a photographer off on her stay at a resort on the coast of Africa with Brad at the time.

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  1. Tom Cruise being a homosexual would certainly explain why his marriages to amazing woman have all failed.

  2. Who cares? The real question is , does he deliver on screen! The answer is by measure of career, apparently, yes , he does !

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