Farmer Dies After Swarm of Monkeys Attack

A man has tragically died after falling from the roof of his home attempting to escape from a large group of enraged monkeys.

The Times of India reports that a 52-year-old man named Horilal was on top of his home in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on the evening of August 30.

While he was up on his own roof he was swarmed by the gang of 30 monkeys who charged at him.

Honestly, we couldn’t imagine anything more terrifying.

The man, who was a farmer according to local reports, attempted to flee the attack but instead plunged to the ground below.

He was left with life threatening injuries and was rushed to hospital by his neighbors.

But, despite their quick-thinking efforts , he later died in hospital.

The man lived alone in the village of Kadarchowk which lies about 21 kilometres from Budaun city.

He is survived by his two sons who were away working in Dehli at the time of his death.

Speaking of the horror primate attack, a relative of the victim said: “Horilal died because of monkeys.

“The Government should do something about it. There are over 100 monkeys who target our houses and crops every day.”

Horilal is the latest victim to suffer at the hands of a gang of more than 100 violent primates which continue to terrorise the Indian village. 

Monkey attacks have been a growing problem in India.

In June, more than 50 people were injured in the villages of Swarupungar after primates had set upon them.

While this most recent attack was the third incident to result in the loss of a human life since July.

Back on July 15, a four-month-old boy was killed after a troop of chimps had snatched him from the arms of his father and threw him from the terrace of a three-storey house.

Other relatives of the boy, including the child’s father, were also attacked by the horde of monkeys, however, they managed to escape with their lives.

This seriously seems like something out of a horror film. 

Meanwhile, on July 30 a 35-year-old woman was also attacked by a vicious monkey resulting in her death two weeks later.

It’s not just humans who have been in the firing line of the murderous animals.

Late last year, as many as 250 dogs were killed by multiple monkeys after they dragged them to the top of trees and buildings and then threw them to their death.

According to the NZ Herald, the primates were carrying out acts of ‘revenge’ after a pack of dogs had killed one of the monkey’s babies. 

In 2020 a 13-year-old girl also fell to her death from the roof of her home after monkeys had chased her while she was collecting clothes that were drying.

The girl had also attempted to run away but slipped in the process.

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