Doctor Tragically Dies While Hiking and Running Out of Water

A ‘gifted’ doctor who had recently become a first-time father died after running out of water and getting lost while hiking in Arizona with five others in excess of 109F.

Authorities confirmed that 32-year-old Dr. Evan Dishion died while hiking near Cave Creek on Monday afternoon.

Six people were rescued after Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies received a call at 1:25pm about hikers in trouble at Spur Cross Trailhead Mountain, approximately 40 miles north of Phoenix.

The hikers had continued on the trail after running out of water before getting lost, said the Scottsdale Fire Department.

Dishion was among those rescued from the trail, but he later died in hospital from heat exhaustion. 

The doctor leaves behind a three-month-old daughter called Chloe and his wife, Amy Dishion.

His sobbing wife received a call from the hospital, with staff telling her he was ‘flown into us by helicopter and he’s passed away.’

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