‘Brain Dead’ Dad Shows Signs of Life Moments Before Organs Harvesting

A dad pronounced brain dead by doctors showed signs of neurological activity moments before his organs were about to be harvested for donation.

Ryan Marlow spent two weeks in Atrium Health Wake Forest Bapist Medical Center in North Carolina, USA, suffering from listeria when doctors declared him “clinically deceased” on August 27.

The 37-year-old dad-of-three’s condition had taken a sharp turn for the worse after swelling on the brain.

This led to a “neurological death” his wife Megan said on a social media livestream as she documented his story.

The mum was told that because Ryan was an organ donor, he would be kept on life support whilst his lung, heart and liver recipients could be located.

Wife Megan Marlow said that the organ harvesting team were basically beside Ryan’s bed before the miracle sign

His family gathered to say farewell to him on August 30 and Megan found she almost couldn’t bring herself to say goodbye at the hospital in Winston-Salem, USA.

She said: “My heart could not bear it,” but when she got to the hospital she was told by a niece that Ryan had moved his feet when he was shown videos of his children.

A doctor then told her that a CT scan had shown signs of brain activity.

Megan went on: “Because of his rare circumstance, they called in an expert panel and discovered that they made a mistake and that my husband, in fact, did not pass away.

“Literally the (organ removal) team was waiting there to take him…I told the nurse ‘stop everything right now’”. Ryan, Megan and their children – Ryan remains in a precarious condition

Megan was told that he had still suffered a traumatic brain stem injury and was in a critical condition in a deep coma.

She added: “Long story short… he’s not brain dead, my friends. He’s not brain dead.

“God’s kept him here. He’s supposed to be dead, he’s supposed to be at the funeral home right now according to these doctors.”

Since the miracle scan Ryan’s condition remains precarious, but he has shown signs of an elevated heart rate and twitching she said.

Megan said that another hospital had agreed to take her husband in – but the move had been delayed.

Her livestreams have attracted thousands of viewers as she documents her husband’s condition.

Ryan, a piano technician and pastor, caught listeria which is usually caused by eating contaminated foods and kills around 1,600 people a year in the US.

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