NFL World Reacts to the Gisele Bundchen Departure News

All apparently is not well in the Tom Brady household.

The legendary NFL quarterback is reportedly fighting with his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, over the decision to continue to play football.

Brady, 45, retired earlier this year, only to un-retire about a month later. He then took a leave of absence from training camp, citing personal reasons.

Now, according to Page Six, Brady and Gisele are in an “epic fight” resulting in the wife leaving the compound.

Page Six had more details.

“Page Six exclusively revealed the model has left their family compound in Tampa, Fla., for Costa Rica following a series of heated arguments over Brady’s shock decision to un-retire from the NFL. He has remained behind for team training,” Page Six reports.

Fans aren’t too surprised, but hopefully this is just a fight between two married loved ones.

“Bro, just retire! You’re married to freaking Gisele!” one fan wrote.

“Told ya,” another fan added.

“It’s been pretty widely reported this week. Seems to “fit” too. I don’t know what a 42 year old ex-supermodel and a 45 year old athlete do to stay entertained now? With that much ego? I doubt it’s live on Fisher Island and “wait for grandkids,'” one fan added.

Brady, 45, could be entering his final season in the National Football League.

If Gisele has anything to say about it, that will almost certainly be the case.

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  1. If she does, she’ll get 1/2 of everything they own and then some. She won’t be hurting for money and she’ll pick up with someone else if she hasn’t already.

  2. what ever their personal issues they are not ours to meddle in. Its their lives let them live it and no drama from the crowd

  3. Not surprising since she objected to his playing football. Guess she couldn’t take that Brady was getting all the attention while she was out in left field.

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