Contractor Destroys Bathroom After Woman Refuses to Pay for Remodel – WATCH VIDEO

Being a contractor is a tough job.

When you’re in the process of remodeling a house, you’re spending a ton of time and money to get the job done, usually doing everything you can to make the homeowner happy.

And when you’re finished, you just want to get paid for your work, and move on to the next.

However, if a customer is dissatisfied with the job that was done, you might just have to respect that and fix what needs to be fixed.

A Colorado woman ran into a similar situation with a contractor who remodeled her bathroom.

And needless to say, the contractor took it to the next level.

According to KKTV 11 News, Amber Trucke, a resident of Colorado Springs (I feel like we’ve gone here a lot lately), hired Dream Home Remodels to work on her bathroom, as well as replace an exterior door, 2 ceiling fans and some other minor work.

Trucke stated that she had invoices saying that she had paid over $3,000 of the $7,500 bill. Only problem, she didn’t want to pay the rest of it until she could “make sure she was happy with the work.”

When the bill wasn’t paid in full when the job was done, the contractor decided to take matters in his own hands and “repossess” the work they put into it…

By barging his way into the house with a sledgehammer, and destroying all of the work he and his crew had done.

In the video, you hear the contractor say:

“We put weeks into this, thousands of dollars into this.

Let me tell you something. No contractor in the state of Colorado will fix that when they found out that I took it back because she refused to pay me. No one.”

The man absolutely wrecked the bathroom, leaving it worse than when he began the job.

Trucke stated:

“I haven’t actually cried about this yet. I think it just hit me… I don’t have the words for what happened in this room. For the $3,300 I’ve already paid, I now have nothing.

I was not going to pay them until I saw the actual finished product, and the showerheads had just been put on and the adhesive had to cure for 24 hours. So I wanted to make sure the plumbing worked.

They moved my plumbing around. They move the drain. So I wanted to make sure that worked.”

The company released this statement:

“After several weeks of Communication broke down and resulted in our company repossessing a tile shower. It has never happened before and is not something that is made regular practice.”

Police are investigating if what the contractor did was a criminal or civil matter.

How would you have handled this situation?

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  1. Sounds like someone who not SHOULD lose his license but also should be locked away and CHARGED for all the repairs.

  2. AT THE VERY LEAST, this contractor deserves to lose his license, face jail time, and be made to compensate this woman IN FULL for the damage he caused. This woman just wanted to make sure she got the quality she agreed to pay for, and he responded in the most immature and disrespectful way possible! He even left the house in worse shape than before the work started, in which case the company’s excuse that they were just “repossessing their work” is BS through and through! Not only that, but this kind of violent, sociopathic behavior is the first sign of a violent criminal in the making, and for this company to enable and condone that behavior is despicable.

    If anyone knows which company this is, spread the word about this story to anyone who will listen. Let every potential customer in the area know who NOT to hire in the future, and let every aspiring contractor know who NOT to work for.

    1. Some customers believe its OK to screw the small contractor.
      The courts seek compromise 50-50 doesn’t pay the bills…
      So how do you recommend the contractor collect what is owed?

  3. The fact that she was also unwilling to pay for a vanity, mirror, light fixture, 2 ceiling fans, plumbing work, fixing rotten framing in her walls, and an exterior door replacement probably means she was getting ready to stiff him.

  4. These kind of workers are notorious for wanting to be paid before finished, then won’t comeback. The contractor sho
    I’ll have been He owes her now what she paid him plus damages. more

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