Judge Judy’s Startling Health Crisis on Live TV

Judy Sheindlin has seen more than her fair share of eye-opening court battles, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened to her during one of her live shows. 

The Judge Judy star – who is now at the helm of her new show Judy Justice – believed she suffered a mini-stroke in front of her audience in 2011.

Judy opened up about the scary moment while talking to Good Morning America and admitted she thinks she had a transient ischemic attack (TIA).

According to the New York Post, Judy told GMA: “The people that watched me for 15 years noticed something was wrong, and without asking – which was probably a very smart thing, because I would have said, ‘Don’t go there’ – they called paramedics.”

The star, 79, reportedly started “asking questions in slow motion,” which alerted producers to call an ambulance.

Judy’s doctors thought she might have had a mini stroke, however, she said: “Turned out to be I was fine. I’m not sure whether I had one of those TIA experiences, and they go away.”

Thankfully, Judy, hasn’t experienced any more episodes and remains in good health – and even has a new show. 

When asked if she was planning on retiring from her TV career, she added: “I’m not tired. I don’t play golf or tennis. I have no desire to learn how to play mahjong, chess or checkers.

“I know what I like to do. Why, at my stage in life, would I try to find something else when I already know what I like?” 

Off-screen, Judy also has a happy home life and will celebrate 45 years of marriage to her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, this year.

They briefly divorced for a year in the early years of their marriage but reunited and have been happy together ever since.

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