Elderly Woman Dragged Out of Car in Brutal Brooklyn Attack

Footage of an elderly woman being dragged out of a ride share car and reportedly robbed by her driver in Brooklyn went viral Wednesday.

The 78-year-old female victim requested an Access-A-Ride on Wednesday to attend her physical therapy appointment, according to ABC 7. She told police she realized the driver had gone past her requested drop-off point and was refusing to let her leave the vehicle.

After a dispute, the man allegedly dragged the elderly woman from his vehicle by her leg, the report continued. A younger, good Samaritan witnessed the abuse and realized the man had stolen the woman’s cell phone, ABC noted. He filmed the altercation between the driver and elderly woman as she screamed, “call the police! He robbed my phone” and then shared the video on Twitter.

The elderly woman hits the suspect several times with her cane as he drags her onto the road, as seen in the video. The Samaritan tells the driver to give the woman back her phone, but he instead gets into the car and appears to try and run the man over.

“I’m a 78-year-old lady and he pulled me outta the cab. He took my money. He took my phone!” the woman tells the Samaritan, who managed to get her cell phone back from the driver before he fled the scene.

Both the good Samaritan and the elderly woman were hospitalized but remain in stable condition, the New York Post reported. The driver remains at large.

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  1. they need to find him and return the favor, the altercation and provide him a reason to seek emergency medical care – on his own

  2. Isn’t the USA a great country to live in today? There are cities in so called third world countries that are safer to live in this day and age! Thank you Democrats and left wing
    ”Progressives” for your incompetence and hatred of your own country! People like Bill de Blasio, Nancy Pelosi, Newsome and the Mayor of Chicago comes to mind!

    1. If you find this event disgusting and do not get out and vote conservative in November, I have a message for you. Keep your mouth shut. You are helping events like this keep happening.

    1. Those images have more punch than an untrained fist. Whoever this jerk is will not escape karma and if not locked up will have to find another way to survive.

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