Witnesses in South Carolina Report Multiple Bigfoot Encounters

Over the past two months, there have been two new reports of Bigfoot sightings in the woods of South Carolina.

The first Bigfoot sighting was reported by a forestry worker who works for Duke Energy. He manages the landscaping of powerline easements for the company.

According to Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization investigator Matthew Moneymaker, who spoke to the forester, he noticed a large oval bedding depression in the grass with a diameter wider than human height, as if something large is sleeping there regularly, with a noticeable foul odor.

“As he was walking back toward his work truck from the bedding depression spot he heard the first knocks (four rapid knocks) from the woods on the south side of the cut,” reads the report. “Shortly after that there were reply knocks coming from within the woods on the north side of the cut, opposite from where first knocks came from.”

The forester reported, “It didn’t sound mechanical but like wood on wood. Each time I heard one I would then hear another as if in response.”

The BFRO investigator reports, “There is a correlation between Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings and powerline cuts (easements). It is one of a few repeated patterns suggesting some favored travel routes.”

The forests in South Carolina are a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings

The more recent Bigfoot sighting took place near Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina and was reported by a retired forensic psychologist, his brother and sister.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022 my brother, sister, and I were visiting the Lighthouse at South Carolina’s Hunting Island State Park. We were leaving the Lighthouse parking lot at approximately 12:00 noon and driving along the exit road from the Lighthouse.

My brother was driving the vehicle, with me riding in the front passenger seat, and my sister being in the rear driver’s side seat. As we were rounding a slight curve on the exit road, we all spotted a creature walking quickly on the left side of the road approximately 15 to 20 feet in front of our car. The incident happened very quickly as the creature disappeared into the lush Palmetto & Pine forest ( jungle) that surrounds the exit road.

My brother stopped the car immediately and asked if we had seen what he saw. All three of us reported seeing the creature. We all saw the creature very clearly as it was walking directly in front of our car. The three of us recalled and reported the exact and identical descriptions.

The creature was walking upright, taking strides quickly to our left, and disappeared into the bush on the left side of the road directly in front of us. We only witnessed the lower torso of the creature as it’s head and shoulders were hidden behind a pine tree and a palmetto stump on the left side of the road. The height of the creature is estimated as being between 5 to 6 feet tall. Legs were approximately 3 feet long, human like jointed knee, with dark brown, splotchy black hair that was approximately 2 inches long. The incident happened quickly and lasted for only a few seconds as the creature disappeared quickly into the thick underbrush. There were no sounds or odors noticed by any of us.

He says they gave the Hunting Island State Park office a full, detailed report. The Park Superintendent told him he would take the report as a credible incident and initiate an investigation.

The witnesses have been coming to the park for vacations since the 1950s and “have never witnessed anything like this in the past.”

In July, a hunter shared his encounter with Bigfoot in the South Carolina woods on the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast.

“He spun [while on all fours] to look my direction, and it’s going to sound weird, but I’m just telling you, he spun like a spider,” he reported. “He went hundred and eighty like immediately, which freaked me out and I flipped my safety off because it was crazy how fast this thing flipped around.”

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