Convicted Serial Killer Gets Married and Has Child in Prison

On August 30, 2005, Serhiy Tkach, one of the most brutal serial killers in Russia’s history, was apprehended. Tkach, a former Russian police officer, was accused of killing 37 women and girls in the Soviet Union through a 25-year reign of terror. After being arrested, Tkach admitted to having killed at least 100 women, all of whom were subjected to sick sexual abuse before and after they had died, according to reports.

In 2018, it was revealed through a Netflix documentary called ‘Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons’ that Tkach was father to a baby who he had with a pen pal 40 years younger than him, according to a report. Elena Bulkina spotted the jailed monster in a TV interview and was smitten by him. After Bulkina began writing him letters, he married her in 2015 when she was only 23 and he was 63.

Horrific Crimes

Tkach was fired from the Soviet Police in 1979 for fabricating evidence. He then relocated to Ukraine and started working as a police investigator in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in 1982. 1984 saw the start of a series of disappearances involving women and girls, some of whom were as young as eight. 

According to reports, he raped his victims before suffocating them and sexually defiling their corpses. Tkach was able to get away with the horrifying acts for so long because he utilized his understanding of criminal investigations to trick the police. He would, for instance, kill close to railroad tracks that had just been coated with tar to confuse the police dogs.

Over the years, other persons, including one who killed himself, were wrongfully imprisoned for some of his killings. When he boldly visited the burial of one of his victims, children there reportedly claimed to have seen him with the victim just before she passed away. Tkach was ultimately apprehended in 2005. He is alleged to have pleaded for the death penalty when first found guilty. Instead, he was given a life term in jail in Ukraine, where he passed away in November 2018. After getting married in 2015, Elena and Tkach were permitted romantic outings. In 2018, she said that neither she nor her husband’s actions ever caused her to worry for their safety.

Talking about her marriage and pregnancy, Bulkina said “I don’t feel guilty because I did not commit the crimes. Of course I’d not wish this on anyone and if it happened to my family I’d punish that person. But I didn’t do anything. I felt happiness when I ­realized I was pregnant. I wanted this baby and he wanted this baby but she was born in Russia and my parents and the officials won’t let me bring her to this country.”

Elizaveta, daughter of Tkach and Bulkina, was born in 2016. 

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