Buddhist Priest Dies in Bizarre Accident after Funeral Pyre EXPLODES

A priest died while performing a cremation ceremony when a funeral pyre exploded in front of him. The Buddhist priest was saying prayers for a man who had died in a motorcycle accident in Kampong Cham province.

The priest walked to the front of the kiln to continue the ceremony, and while lighting up the funeral pyre he was caught in a massive blast. 

Hoeun Soeun, 72, was performing the final rituals for a 20-year-old man who died in a motorcycle accident. As per footage acquired by Daily Mail, Soeun walked to the front of the kiln in white robes while saying his prayers.

As he poured petrol on the wood to cremate the dead, the blast suddenly blew the metal door off. In the series of events, the priest was hit in the face with the metal door and smashed onto the ground. Soeun died instantly after suffering a fatal head injury.

The police investigating the case ruled the priest’s death was “unaccounted for.” According to them, this incident was a first of its kind.

Buddist priest dies during cremation ceremony

Cambodia majorly follows cremation and for that, an achar (priest) is absolutely necessary as it is believed that they calm the soul of the dead person and prepare them for the next life.

Deputy Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Seng Lino said that Soeun had been burning corpses for more than 40 years and explained that the incident took place after he set the corpse of the youth on fire with wood and 30 liters of gasoline.

The kiln is being checked to see if it is fit for future cremations. According to the locals, the police were advised to return the body of the priest to his family for burial instead of cremating due to the nature of the accident. 

Deputy Police Chief Lieutenant Colonel Seng Lino said, “When the priest lit the corpse, the crematorium furnace exploded, and the large steel door was blown off from the force.

The door hit him on the forehead causing him to die instantly due to the serious injuries. The cause of the explosion is not known. The priest was very experienced and had performed thousands of cremations.” 

Watch the video below:

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