Woman Ends up at the Hospital After All-You-Can Eat Sushi Binge

One woman’s dedication to getting the most out of her all-you-can-eat sushi experience ended up having consequences she couldn’t have imagined.

TikToker Danielle Shapiro shared a video of herself in the hospital as part of the “Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation” trend. The video then flashes to scenes of her eating her sushi the night before.

Throughout the course of her night, Danielle ate miso soup, four gyozas, two jalapeño poppers, an eight-piece green dragon roll, an eight-piece snow crab roll, an eight-piece California roll, an eight-piece wakame roll, and a serving of edamame.

In a since-deleted TikTok, Danielle explained more about the situation and how by the next morning she inevitably discovered she’d eaten way too much.

Danielle explained she went out for the pricey treat with her best friend, who was in town.

“The all you can eat sushi is about $50 a person so Amanda and I had to make sure we got our money’s worth, which meant eating a lot,” she explained.

Danielle also admitted to “taking breaks” during the meal to try to eat more and more, despite feeling stuffed.

“Immediately after dinner we were so full we had to sit in my car for about 30 minutes before driving home,” she shared.

“My stomach felt very firm from all the sushi and probably the rice that expanded in my stomach.”

The next morning, Danielle woke up at 6 a.m. with intense stomach and chest pains that made it difficult to take in a deep breath. She was taken to the hospital, where doctors determined it was acid reflux causing the discomfort. She was prescribed medication.

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