Woman Flies from Fairground Ride Crushing Boy – He Still has Nightmares

A teenager still suffers nightmares after a woman flew off a fairground ride and landed on top of him.

Ben Corran was crushed by Jade Harrison when she came off the Airmaxxx 360 ride at Hull Fair in 2019.

The nurse suffered a broken jaw and PTSD after being “flung 15ft in the air like a pinball” in the incident, HullLive reports.

Ben’s dad Chris, from Hull, said his son is also “traumatized” and has not been the same since the accident.

The now 18-year-old’s whole life has shifted following the incident, according to his dad.

Chris said his son has gone from somewhat of a daredevil, who would enjoy going on rides and going out with his family to suffering from nightmares and anxiety.

The youngster even feels uncomfortable wearing a seatbelt in the car because he feels trapped.

Jade, now 24, has since won a five-figure pay-out for her injuries, as well as the PTSD she suffered.

It comes after she was catapulted from the Airmaxxx 360 ride and landed on Ben with force on October 7 2019.

The teenage boy, who was wearing a harness on “The Sizzler” ride, had the metal pushed into his chest, bruising his ribs and had his head knocked backwards.

He was pinned into the ride and became trapped. When he was eventually freed, Ben was treated for minor injuries and stayed in Hull Royal Infirmary overnight.

Although Ben’s physical injuries healed, his dad Chris says he has not been the same lad since.

Chris added: “Since the accident, Ben was just traumatized.

“He sent us to hospital to give Jade flowers but he couldn’t go himself out of anxiety. After a couple of weeks, it was clear that Ben needed counselling because of how closed off he’d become.

“We took him to the doctor’s and the GP laughed and simply said ‘it does take time to get over it, you know’.

“After Ben was laughed at, he refuses to go back again. As a young lad, he struggles to open up about his feelings anyway.

“It’s been three years and Ben has never gone back to being the same person- I just want my son back.

“We used to go to Bridlington and Scarborough on all the fairground rides, he would even show us up by going on all the scary ones that I wouldn’t dare try.

“Now if we go, he sits outside the park and won’t even go on the tame boat rides. It’s more than just rides though.

“Ben is uncomfortable being in the car because the seatbelt makes him feel like he’s going to be trapped again.

“He has nightmares, he won’t go out with his friends, he will only go to the cinema because it’s round the corner from our house.

“I’m scared because I don’t know how it will impact his future if he refuses to leave his comfort zone.”

The teenager studied childcare at college and would love to become a teaching assistant.

However, his family don’t know if going on school trips would be too hard for Ben, in case it provokes PTSD.

At the time of the incident, while trying to pursue the legal route, the family were told by solicitors that there was a “lack of evidence” for what Ben had suffered, despite the police including him and his injuries in their statement.

They have since let this go because of the time that has now passed.

Chris continued: “The best thing that I could have got from this is that my son is still alive. The main thing we want now is a real acknowledgement and apology for what he’s been through.

“We couldn’t care less about a pay-out. At the end of the day, I want my son to go back to being the lad he used to be before this horrific accident that was just meant to be a nice family night out.”

Insurers acting on behalf of Taylor’s Fun Fairs, owners of the Airmaxx 360 ride Jade was on when thrown from her seat, admitted liability for the accident and injuries caused to her early on in a legal claim, led by Hull-based personal injury specialists Hudgell Solicitors.

Taylor’s Fun Fairs, did not dispute claims from Jade’s legal team that they had “failed to adequately inspect the ride”, and that “a failure to enforce an adequate system of inspection had left riders at risk” when admitting liability for the accident.

The company declined to comment on Ben’s situation due to an ongoing health and safety investigation.

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