Woman Terrorized by Demented Neighbor

A woman has captured terrifying footage of her neighbour shuffling around outside her front door wearing a Michael Myers Halloween mask.

Explaining she was forced to install a camera after her neighbour carved an ‘x’ into her front door, Redditor Shelbym806 shared chilling details about her neighbours’ antics. 

The social media user revealed that her neighbour has been ‘harassing her for months’ and bangs on her door at all hours, giving her no choice but to get the police involved. 

Sharing door cam footage online, Shelbym806 captioned her post: “Nightmare neighbour has been harassing me for months.”

The masked man can be dancing around outside her door and giving the camera the finger before sauntering back into his apartment. 

Responding to people’s concern in the comment section, Shelbym806 wrote: “Thank you, police are aware of the situation, and have the footage of the other 14 times he’s decided to act up. Only got the camera two months ago.”

Another person commented: “This guy literally lives next door and is very obvious about it… I’d think it’s creepier if it was a random person from another floor but your literal next door neighbour?!!”

Shelbym806 replied: “We used to speak, then he started coming to my door at all hours of day and night and became inappropriate. That behaviour lasted 9 months before I finally called the police on him (2 months ago).

“He carved an X into my front door in retaliation, so I bought the camera.”

She added: “The camera has a speech feature, always wanted to say something and make him s**t himself, but I’ve always been asleep when he pulls this crap.”

Elsewhere in the comment section, Shelbym806 confirmed her creepy neighbour hasn’t been physical towards her, writing: “He’s never done anything violent to me, just some name calling, rude gestures and attempts to scare me (after months of coming to my door at all hours of day and night).”

The social media user continued: “He’s been inappropriate in the past. But with the camera I can now see who is at my door before I answer, so chances of him having access to me is significantly reduced.”

Shelbym806 also provided an update on the police case, sharing that she’ll soon be seeing her neighbour in court. 

“He pleaded not guilty so off to trial we go,” she said.

Well, we certainly won’t be sleeping for the foreseeable future.

Watch the footage here

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  1. After all that time he is very lucky he is not my neighbor. I would open the dor and he would come face to face with a loaded cross bow. If that did not stop him the next time he would have trouble walking with a bolt stuck between his legs.

  2. This is one sick man.
    We are warned about people
    like this all the time; but nothing is
    ever done about it until he commits
    a serious crime and hurts someone or
    many people. She should have a big
    dog (maybe not allowed at apartment
    complex) or some means of protection,
    like maybe a gun.

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