Bull GORES Man During Spain’s Notorious Bull-Running Event

On Sunday, August 21, a bull with flaming horns gored a 24-years-old young man, Adrian Martinez Fernandez, in Spain. The aggressive and burning beast attacked Adrian in the town of Vallada in Valencia who later died of his injuries.

The bull’s horns were lighted as a part of an annual festival event run as a tribute to a patron saint. A few minutes after the horns were set alight for the festival, the bull turned Fernandez over and attacked him. The attendees looked at this in disbelief. However, most of the festival goers were protected by proper railings.

A bull with flaming horns is also known as a ‘toro embolado’ – or ‘bull with balls’ – and is a sight that can be witnessed in many towns of Spain during bull-running events. The 24-year-old had traveled from Almansa to attend the festivities.

Meanwhile, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital to treat his injuries. However, not many of the injuries were visible. The City Council later suspended the bullfighting night. They have also suspended the event, which was meant to occur on Monday, August 23.

According to DailyMail, the attack had damaged his spleen and caused several other internal injuries, leaving medical staff with no hope of saving his life. Though, the locals tried to dodge the bull as it ripped through the town’s roads.

However, the pain caused by the flames makes them much more dangerous and aggressive. It is hard to bring them under control during such occasions. A minute of silence was observed in the town’s Plaza to honor, Adrian after locals received the news of his death. The municipality authorities also sent their support and expressed their ‘regret and solidarity’ to the family and friends of the victim.

The municipality of Vallada celebrates its patron saint festivities in honour of San Bertomeu, the Santísimo Cristo del Monte Calvario and the Virgen de Gracia every year. The death of Adrian that happened on Sunday came a few hours after another bull was led rope free and caused huge damage to a van.

The bull climbed to the top of the van through the side and broke the bonnet and damaged the windshield and broke all window glasses. The bull-running festival has led to killing many lives in the last year. Even today, this celebration is considered to be controversial as it hurts both human beings and animals.

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  1. Effing azzholes! Every individual participating in the abusecand torture of animals deserves to be gored! I hope it hurt like hell. Bunch of heartless jerk-0ffs!

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