Woman Drowns in Hotel Pool as Horrified Viewers Watch on Facebook Live Stream

A woman who drowned in a hotel swimming pool inadvertently streamed the tragic incident on a Facebook live stream.

Hellen Nyabuto, 24, died after getting into difficulty in a leisure pool while staying at the Key Motel in Chatsworth, Ontario on August 19.

A now-deleted video taken from the stream shows her smiling and chatting to viewers from the shallow end of the pool before the incident unfolded in front of horrified viewers, reports show.

Hellen, who worked as a nurse, began to struggle after moving to the deeper end of the pool around three minutes into the stream, later falling out of shot while her screams for help remained audible.

A devastating silence then descends several minutes in, with the camera remaining fixed on the deserted pool until Hellen is discovered by fellow motel guests several hours later.

Her untimely death has stunned friends and loved ones both in Canada and in her home country of Kenya, where most of her family reside.

Commenting on how her passing would affect them, close friend Alfonce Nyamwaya said: “Hellen was the breadwinner back home for her family. She’s been supporting them and it’s left a big gap.

“We need prayers. We need financial support.”

She additionally appealed for social media users not to share the footage while asking others back in Kenya to stop spreading rumors that her death was suspicious, commenting: “Let the family mourn in peace. Let Hellen rest. It was an accident.”

A statement from Ontario Provincial Police to local media confirmed that a woman had died at a pool in Chatsworth, adding that investigators had been made aware of the video circulating online.

Measures had since been taken to have the footage taken down, with the video later removed from Facebook.

Hellen’s body is being kept Toronto while her family make a decision as to whether to have her repatriated. A group of close kin are now attempting to raise $50,000 to have her brought back home.

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  1. The family needs financial support, but they are trying to raise $50,000 to bring her to Kenya for burial? That makes sense. Besides, I’d pay $50,000 to stay out of Kenya- even my dead body.

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