Waterpark Shuts Down After 20 People Get Sick with Mystery Illness

A popular waterpark has been temporarily closed amid an ongoing investigation after around 20 visitors, including children, fell sick with a mysterious illness.

Whitemills Wake Water and Aqua Park in Sandwich, Kent, UK shut its doors on Sunday after several people told the center that they or their children were left vomiting after their visit.

Instead of enjoying a day out in the sun the guests were struck down by an unknown illness that left them with a number of common symptoms.

Park director Wayne Cooper said the site would remain shuttered until the results of new water samples came back.

He said: “This is all a mystery to us. We don’t know what has caused it. We had water samples two weeks ago and they were clear. There were symptoms such as vomiting, but these were out of about 2,000 visitors to the center over that week.”

“But we are on an open-water lake, not a chlorinated swimming pool. I don’t know what’s behind this.”

The alarm was raised after some people reported feeling sick following their visits – experiencing high temperatures and vomiting.

One Facebook user said: “Few friends went Tuesday and been really poorly like two sets of friends.”

Another was worried they had picked something up from the park after the people they visited became poorly, having headed there on Wednesday.

Sharon Robinson said on the social media site: “Please be careful if you have used the new Sandwich Aqua park this week.

“Two families are poorly today (including us) that used the lake on Tuesday. Symptoms including temperature and vomiting. The council have been informed.”

Amanda Dwayne said: “Please don’t use the new aqua wake park just yet until they get clearance for the safety of the water in the lake. All people in our party – three separate families – have also been very sick within 48 hours of using the lake on Tuesday of this week and not including the people below who also used the park on the same day.”

The company says it is working closely with Dover District Council and public protection officials to discover the cause of the problem.

They are contacting those who booked to visit the water park, and providing them with a voucher to use another time.

A Dover District Council spokesman said: “We are working with the UK Health Security Agency and the Whitemills Wake and Aqua Park to look into concerns in this matter.

“DDC takes all complaints seriously and is carrying out a full and thorough investigation.”

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