Kathy Griffin has a Bizarre Request for Fans

Kathy Griffin reached out on social media to get help reading her most recent cancer scan results, and she got it quickly. 

The Crank Yankers star posted pleas on both Twitter and Instagram. 

On Instagram she wrote, ‘OK, I know this is crazy but I cannot get an oncologist on the phone and the surgeon who did my half of lung removal has ghosted me. This is what it’s come to people!’

The cancer survivor added, ‘I’m putting my scan results on Instagram in hopes that somebody will put it under an oncologist’s nose and send me some sort of interpretation in English of what’s going on with my post operation situation!’

She ended with, ‘Social media can be used for good, dammit!’

The Twitter message was shorter, but similar, ‘You guys, I don’t really have an oncologist & the surgeon who removed half my lung ghosted me, but I think my #lungcancer scan is clean. 

‘So, since I can’t get anyone on the phone out of my thousands of doctors to interpret this, I’m asking #CancerTwitter ! Hey #oncology,’ she said.

Dr. Jeffrey Swisher, MD responded quickly with the message, ‘Hey Kathy, the report looks great. But to be fully reassured, you really need to schedule an appointment with a pulmonary oncologist and have them look at the actual scan.’

He then offered to help her find a new physician: ‘If you are up in SF I can help you find someone. I will be at Code and we can discuss if you want.’

The Suddenly Susan star got back to the well-respected anesthesiologist shortly after that post with gratitude and a confession. 

‘Thx Doc! I don’t know one. I don’t even have a pulmonologist. The dude I had is like 85 years old. Also no more men. Not kidding. I’d prefer a female under 50. I’d love recommendations for Cedars, St Johns or UCLA! I’ve had sh**ty care & it makes me extremely fearful and anxious,’ she wrote.

The comedienne, who asserted she had never smoked, was diagnosed with stage one lung cancer a year ago and had half of her lung removed.

In December, the Search Party actress announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she was cancer free. 

Cancer patients are advised to seek follow-up care. According to cancer.gov, ‘Follow-up care for cancer means seeing a health care provider for regular medical check-ups once you’re done with treatment.

‘These check-ups may include bloodwork, as well as other tests and procedures that look for changes in your health or any problems that may occur due to your cancer treatment.’

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