Doctors Find 4-Inch Nail in Man’s Bladder

Surgeons at a hospital in India were left baffled after pulling a four-inch nail from a male patient’s bladder – after it had been lodged there for an entire year.

Jagram began experiencing discomfort in his bladder area a year earlier and attended Bhind District Hospital after his pain had become excruciating.

Concerned by the man’s symptoms, surgical specialist, Dr Prateek Mishra ordered blood tests, as well as an ultrasound and X-ray.

Finally, they nailed down what their patient had been suffering all along – and it wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

X-Ray of nail in Jagram's bladder

To the surprise of doctors, the scan showed a four-inch nail sitting inside the patient’s bladder.

But what was still not clear was how the iron nail came to be in the man’s body.

With little information as to how it could have happened, doctors had to ask fast.

The patient was not able to afford medical care but all doctors were in agreement that they would perform the surgery for free to finally end the man’s pain.

It took doctors nearly an hour to remove the nail from the patient, in what the hospital described as a “first”.

Jagram has now returned to full health after getting the nail taken out.

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