Baby Falls Out of Moving Car and ROLLS Across Road in Texas

In a horrifying incident, a child fell out of an SUV just as the vehicle turned a corner in Houston. A video of how the scenario unfolded was anonymously uploaded on Tuesday, August 18. The driver of the red SUV, in which the child was seated, was a woman who stops the car and rushes out immediately to pick up the child from the road before returning to her vehicle and driving off. 

Luckily, no other vehicles were plying on the road at that time and the child appeared unharmed in the video. The incident took place in southwest Houston, at the intersection of I-69 and Hilcroft Avenue in broad daylight. The entire video was captured on the dashcam of the car behind the SUV.

When the clip begins, a red SUV can be seen driving ahead. The vehicle turns to the right at a traffic stop and gets on the feeder next to the Interstate. While the car was turning the corner, a door opens and a child suddenly hurtles out of the car, rolling onto the road. The driver hits the brake and gets off. 

The car behind the SUV also stops and we can see the child sit up on the road. Meanwhile, a woman, dressed in a beanie and dark clothing, rushes over. She quickly picks up the child in her arms. She carried the child back into car before driving away. Luckily, no other vehicle can be seen on the road.

From the footage shared with ABC13, the child appears to be unharmed. Both, the driver and child have not been identified thus far. According to their report, they reached out to Houston police, who were unaware of the horrifying incident. Neither had the authorities received any emergency service calls from the intersection of I-69 and Hilcroft Avenue. 

In a similar incident in Missouri, a two-year-old boy fell out of a moving car. The toddler was hit by a truck and died. His mother, Ebony Roby, was charged with first-degree child endangerment. 

Watch the video below:

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