Reporter Injured in Failed Stunt at Stadium – VIDEO

A reporter for the LA Dodgers baseball team was left rolling around on the ground, clutching his side after what should have been a fun trip down the Milwaukee Brewers home run slide took a dangerous turn.

The slide, located in American Family Field is typically reserved for the Brewers mascot to victoriously slide down after each home run.

But since the Dodgers were in town for the away game, field reporter David Vassegh volunteered to try it out for himself.

Vassegh even tweeted an ominous picture of the slide the day before, scoping it out in preparation.

On Wednesday, before the game commenced, Vassegh made his way to the top of Brewers Slide and immediately regretted the decision.

Vassegh can be heard screaming “holy crap, holy crap, holy crap,” while spinning down, before eventually careening into the landing zone. reporter smashed his right shoulder in the video that was later shown during the game’s broadcast.

Fellow Dodgers reporters, Joe Davis and Nomar Garciaparra, couldn’t contain their laughter when watching the clip playback.

That was until the camera cut away to Vassegh, standing on the field in a full arm cast, waving to the camera.

“Hi, guys,” he said, “I do my own stunts, Tom Cruise style!”

It was later revealed that Vassegh sustained two fractures to his wrist and arm along with six fractured ribs.


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  1. That was in Milwaukee, not Los Angeles. Why would they have a slide for Bernie Brewer in Los Angeles?

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