Idaho Woman Catches UFO on Camera

The term UFO means “unidentified flying object.” This means even the U.S. Government, which recently has taken great strides into admitting to the existence of these UFOs and promising to investigate the matter more thoroughly, has no idea as to the actual origin of these objects.

They may be extraterrestrial, or they may be from some secret Earth origin. But all that it really takes to call something a UFO is that it is up in the air and unidentified. And sometimes, what is unidentified is in the eye of the beholder. For instance, take what this woman filmed recently in Idaho while out for a drive one night.

Watch Video Below:

@onegreatangel83 Out for a drive an came across this unusual light in the sky. It was mlving faster than a plane and in a weird shape. As we kept eating it, it started breaking apart. This was 10pm mst in Idaho on July 12, 2022#idaho #ufo #whatsinthesky ♬ Paradise – Ikson

In the video, a brilliant ball of light streaks across the twilight sky, “faster than any plane.” As she films, it appears to separate into several pieces and continue along its trajectory.

So, what is going on? What this woman actually caught on film was a meteor or a piece of space debris entering the atmosphere. The separation witnessed on this video is from the object breaking apart and catching fire during its descent. This is very common with meteors and other objects that fall to Earth from space.

The American Meteor Society has classified several different levels of meteor activity, based on their relative brightness in the sky. Any meteor righter than the planet Venus is called a “fireball” and they ask that such events be reported to them on their website

Have you ever spotted an UFO? Tell us about it!

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