Justin Sylvester Pushes Jenna Bush Away on ‘Today’ Show

Justin Sylvester is back again in the headlines for keeping Jenna Bush Hager at arm’s length. The ‘Today’ show’s host was recently seen pushing Jenna away after she repeatedly stood too close to him during a recent food segment on Wednesday, August 10.

During the cooking segment, Sylvester was receiving instruction for cooking a chicken dish when Jenna patted his back and wrapped her hands around his shoulder. Sensing the situation, Sylvester took a step back but Bush Hager didn’t budge so the star overstretched his arm and pushed her away. Hager brushed the diss away and silently took a step back.

While Bush Hager let it go with a smile, some social media users assumed Sylvester was trying to gain more personal space. “Jenna Bush was way too handsy with @HodaAndJenna contributor, Justin Sylvester. This is the daughter of a former President sexually harassing her coworker in the workplace, on TV. She should be suspended or fired. Full stop!” one user wrote.

Another one wrote “#JustinSylvester pushes #JennaBushHager away TWICE! during #Today show segment 😠🤨 She Should’ve given HIM the Biggest SLAP! She could Muster and then SLAPPED HIM with a #Writ! for ‘Inappropriate Touching’ if this photo is anything to go by 🥴🤔”

“@HodaAndJenna today’s episode w @justinsylvester w chef Andy was really uncomfortable to watch. That’s wasn’t appropriate it was vorderline disgusting. Had that been a man toward a woman wouldn’t have been appropriate. Matt Laurer was let go for less probably. Sad, disappointed.” The third user wrote.

Clearing the air, Sylvester who is a regular contributor to the ‘Today’ show, often appearing alongside Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb, on Friday took to his Instagram stories to clarify that his co-host was not invading his personal space.

“That’s not actually the truth,” Sylvester explained, calling Bush Hager the “nicest” person. “What we were doing was we were both flirting. Well, I was flirting with the chef because he was cute, and I was pushing her out of the way so I could have a one-on-one moment with the chef,” he further added.

However, everything seems going smooth between Justin Sylvester and Bush Hager as they were seen breaking down his recent St Tropez vacation pics posted via Instagram later on the Wednesday episode. “That thirst trap is looking, like, perfect,” the former first daughter, who has been married to Henry Chase Hager since 2008 told Sylvester. “You look like you belong in St. Tropez.”

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