“Active Shooter” Situation Causes Chaos in Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say a loud noise in Terminal 1 startled citizens in the area. They added that it was caused by an unruly passenger. The passenger is currently in custody.

In a statement, later posted around 9:00 am ET, the airport stated: “There is not an active shooter. There was an accidental discharge at the Airport. There is no danger to passengers or employees. An investigation is ongoing, more information will be published on this channel.”

Dramatic footage has since emerged that shows the moment panicked passengers began fleeing from gates fearing the worst.

One flyer suggested people were dropping bags and trying to run through security as panic spread throughout the terminal.

It is believed the chaos set at this morning at around 7:30 am ET as one user wrote on social media: “Supposedly a shooter at the b gate at Las Vegas airport. I’m safe. Everyone rushed through the security gates. I don’t think we will be flying. No idea if the incident is contained.”

Minutes later, footage emerged of a sea of passengers as they flooded through security in their droves.

Many scream and run as alarms can be heard in the background.

One man, filming the footage, says: “Oh my gosh, there’s like a shooting or something, I’ve no idea what is happening.”

“This is terrifying, everyone is just piling through security right now.”

One user then uploaded a video showing multiple people lying on the ground as they await further news.

He added: “We’ve stopped moving, no planes are leaving, something happened in T1, and this is the view from T3.”

Others have since complained of long lines amid the chaos.

One said: “Currently stuck in never ending security line at Las Vegas airport. No flights leaving.”

As another said: “The lines at Harry Reid International airport is pure chaos and insanity after TSA closed the gates.”

In an updated statement, the airport said: “Flights will be held as multiple concourses are cleared and all passengers will need to be screened/re-screened at security checkpoints before boarding aircraft.”

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