Brothers Found Dead “Hugging” After Being Abandoned in the Arizona Desert

Two brothers from Oaxaca were found dead in the Arizona desert after being abandoned by the coyote they had paid to accompany them over the U.S.-Mexico border, according to Noticias Telemundo. The two brothers — named Édgar Mendoza Rodríguez, 37, and Carlos Enrique Mendoza Santiago, 23 — were hugging in the sweltering heat when they died, and were discovered in a heartbreaking embrace.

Édgar leaves behind four children, while his brother Carlos leaves behind two, with one more on the way. The Mendoza brothers’ family members reportedly tried to stop them from going, but both men were determined to make it to the United States and build a better life for their families.

“I asked him not to leave, to always be with us, but he left,” said Ingrid, one of the elder Mendoza’s four children, reports Milenio. Before leaving, the brothers consulted with their father, 55-year-old Facundo Mendoza Nolasco, who ultimately gave his sons his blessing after they explained why they were so adamant about crossing the border.

The Mendoza brothers were determined to do right by their families, especially after seeing how many people in their community had successfully crossed over and made great strides in the United States. “As they knew and saw that other people were leaving and they were doing well, then they decided to leave,” their father said.

After parting ways with their families, the brothers took buses to reach Sonoyta, close to the well-known border town of Sonora, where many crossings take place on a regular basis. After linking with the coyote, the three men began their journey across. At some point along the way, when the men were still in Arizona, Enrique became severely dehydrated and was no longer able to continue.

Rather than leave his brother behind, Édgar decided to stay and keep him comfortable, leading to both of their deaths as the coyote continued on without them. At home in Oaxaca, the families waited anxiously for a call which eventually came from the coyote himself, who wanted to inform their survivors that the brothers decided to stay in the desert and had most likely died.

According to Then24, the coyote called a week after he had abandoned the two men and spoke frankly to Facundo, with whom he was the main point of contact. “That’s the law of life in the desert,” he said. “If you stay you stay.” Facundo’s worst fears were confirmed two months later, when a consulate in Yuma called Facundo to inform him that his sons had died.

“The consulate told me that, as a good couple of brothers, they found them hugging each other,” Facundo said of his conversation with the Yuma office. Authorities confirmed that, although the bodies were already in a state of decomposition, certain physical features had been preserved, and the two men’s identification were discovered on their persons, making it easy to contact next of kin.

Now, Facundo is petitioning for a temporary visa to retrieve the bodies of his two sons and return them to Oaxaca for a proper burial. “I ask the president, the governor or the dependency to listen to me, to give me a visa so I can go look for my children. I need to go after them and bury them in their homeland,” said Facundo, according to the Milenio report.

Tragically, the coyote they ultimately hired to shepherd the two men across the border came highly recommended from a family member, who said that the coyote had “never let people down.” For a fee of $14,000, the coyote agreed to lead the two men across, but the family had only put a down payment of $3,000 total. The remaining balance was to be paid upon their arrival in Denver, Colorado.

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  1. Those people aren’t doing as well as they tell their friends & family back home. Plus Americans are fed up with them. Stay home, stay safe!

  2. Why pay the coyotes to sneak you in and leave you to die? Why not do it the LEGAL way, get your legal residency and if you like become a US Citizen, but just follow the rules, get a US Citizen sponsor and come on in! Easy. We love our LEGAL Immigrants, we hate anyone who tries to come here illegally and will deport them!

  3. what is it that these ignorant fools dont understand the American dream is no longer, it`s now the American nightmare. we have tremendous problems here. those good times for illegal criminal aliens are history. with the inflation at its worse how do these wetbacks expect to survive on w/b wages? they might as well just stay south of the border or die in the land God forgot.

  4. This is a sad story but if those coming to America why are we even building a wall. Because they are coming here illegally. How are they doing well in America? Being paid under the table, signing up for our social services. Our inflation is not keeping u with income for those of us who live here. The citizens. The U.S. is in terrible shape. Stay home and don’t face what these two men had to face. Ameria is in a state of decline at the moment–thanks to our incompetent. leadership.

  5. What most everyone fails to take into consideration is this land everyone wants to sneak into became this great place BECAUSE WE PAID THE PRICE OF FREEDOM WITH OUR BLOOD. I have no compassion for anyone who isn’t prepared to pay the ultimate price. The place to start is in your own country. Mexicans can have what we Americans have if they make their Declaration of Independence, have their Concord and Lexington, and let the All Mighty ONE decide if their will is in agreement with His Will for them. It’s as simple as that. Same for the Cubans and everyone else. As Colonists, we stood against the greatest Super Power on the face of the earth at that time. Nothing has changed. If you want it bad enough to die for it, then kick it in gear and get going.

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