Crocodile Rips Apart Teenager Out on Fishing Trip with Classmates

A teenager has been killed and decapitated by a crocodile at a volcanic lake in Indonesia.

Farjan Idham, 15, was fishing with classmates at Lake Tolire in Ternate City, Indonesia, when the attack happened.

The teenage boy had sat on a log to rest, unaware the reptile was stalking him beneath the depths of the water.

It pounced out of the water and yanked the helpless boy in before he had time to react.

His classmates tried to help him, but were hit by the crocodile’s powerful tail and fled to the shore scared they would be attacked.

Search and rescuers rushed to the scene and their investigation lasted three days amid reports of the boy’s body floating in the water.

Officials said the presence of crocodiles near the corpse, as well as the lake’s steep cliffs, caused delays.

One crocodile kept appearing near the body and pushing it around the lake.

Fathur Rahman, Ternate Search and Rescue Agency head, said in an interview with local media: ‘The victim’s body has not been evacuated even though it has been seen appearing on the surface of the water because it is still being carried by crocodiles into the middle of the lake.’

Farjan’s body was eventually recovered on August 4. Both his arms had been torn off, while his head had almost been severed from his neck.

His remains were taken to a funeral home before being turned over to his family.

The lake has been temporarily closed following the incident.

According to conservationists, crocodiles have been driven towards human habitats due to blast fishing and the conversion of coastal areas into farms.

Indonesia is home to 14 different types of crocodile and four different species.

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