The Aftermath After Viral Waterslide Jump – Watch Video and Follow-up Photos

A man that went viral for an outrageous water-slide jump has revealed the grim aftermath.

After racking up a mega 24 million views in just one day, @la_mascotte94‘s (TikTok username) mesmerizing slide has certainly caught our attention.

As shown in the clip below, the man begins by raising his arm in the sky which was followed by huge cheers from the crowd.

Jumping from the top of a roofed balcony, he lands very awkwardly in the middle of the very deep slide and his momentum just loses all sense of control.

@la_mascotte94 (TikTok username) then glides into the air like a fidget spinner with the hang time of a Cristiano Ronaldo header at the back post and, in all honestly, it is quite a sight.

Video of viral waterslide jump

Despite creating one of the biggest viral moments on TikTok this week, @la_mascotte94 has shared a follow-up, which shows huge grazes all over his body.

His upper thigh, stomach and back are all pretty smashed up. Many were concerned.

One person commented: “Is this guy trying to have fun after a divorce or he’s trying to kill himself?”

Another slammed: “Keep this up & he has about another good 4- 5 jumps from a good elevation & he’s checking out. Poor diving posture.”

“Putting yourself in danger and damaging your body for the sights the fame and the money….if your body lets go the money won’t save you just slow things down,” a third person wrote.

“Frankly be careful, it’s your life we ​​only have one take care,” another echoed.

Man shows damage after viral waterslide jump
Man shows damage after viral waterslide jump

However, someone else thought the TikToker showcased great bravery and wrote: “Honestly, it’s rare when I give strength to someone, but strength to you, you enjoy.”

Despite the damage caused on his body, viewers were largely positive about the dive.

One commented: “It honestly looks like he hit a speed boost midway through the slide.”

Another added: “That looked like so much fun!”

A third said: “He must have felt so free and light as a butterfly whilst up the air for those few seconds.”

“41 loops and counting, that was AWESOME!” a fourth said.

“That right there is the peak male athletic form,” another added, while someone else said: “The level of confidence I need.”

Despite going viral, those bruises look nasty so we hope he’s OK.

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