Horrific Video Shows Rollercoaster Stuck Vertically 160ft in the Air

As a scorching heatwave saw temperatures soar in Spain this week, a number of poor souls were left trapped vertically at the top of a rollercoaster in the country’s capital. You can watch a clip of the moment below:

The horrifying video shows the tortuous moment guests at the Madrid theme park remained stranded after the ride malfunctioned.

According to Spanish News Today, the incident unfolded last night (4 August) at around 9.00pm after a group of 10 visitors took to the ‘Abismo’ ride at the city’s Parque de Atracciones.

Described as one of the most ‘spectacular’ rollercoasters in the world, Abismo sends thrill-seekers plummeting backwards from a 160ft height, reaching speeds of 105km per hour.

But after suffering a ‘technical fault’, the ride stopped dead in its tracks from the vertical drop, leaving guests suspended at the top while facing up to the sky.

And just to make matters worse, temperatures in Madrid reached 98.6 degrees yesterday – you can only imagine how difficult it must have been trying to stay calm in those circumstances.

The passengers remained in the awkward position for more than an hour as the theme park, which shuts at 10:00 pm, closed around them.

Eventually the issue was resolved, and they were safely evacuated from the ride.

Thankfully there were no injuries as a result of the incident, although no doubt the group have been left shaken by the terrifying experience.

Local reports state that Parque de Atracciones opened as normal today at 12:00 pm.

The park’s website says Abismo offers a ‘great adrenaline rush’, adding: “This ride will make you feel incredible sensations along its route.

“Along the way, Abismo will trace shapes in the air such as corkscrews, rises or inversions, which you’ll experience from within.

“The greatest impact will be at the end of the route, because you’ll ascend to the rollercoaster tower, but this time you’ll fall backwards.”

similar incident unfolded at Alton Towers in the UK last month as theme park revelers wound up stuck in intense heat on the rollercoaster Oblivion. 

The ride itself suspends passengers in mid-air just before a 180ft drop into an underground tunnel

But those who took to the attraction in Staffordshire on 19 July – when temperatures reached 104 degrees in the country – were left up in the air longer than they expected when it malfunctioned.

Water was handed out among the poor guests, but since the ride couldn’t be started up again they had to be evacuated from the top.

Thankfully they were safely returned to the ground and no one was harmed.

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