4 thoughts on “20-Year-Old Dies Trying to Unclog Recycling Machine

  1. Sorry for the family of the deceased.
    Too bad the 337K will not be giveen to them for their loss.

  2. Details in this story are incorrect. They only found a small amount of blood they DNA tested after he was “missing” for 2 months. Google it.

  3. Having built machine controllers for several decades, I suspect the only way the company failed was in providing adequate training for this young man. If these machines have openings that must remain open, lockouts on doors and panels that shut down power when opened do little good. This article clearly states that the company ““failed to ensure energy sources were locked out…”, but was unclear as to whether or not it was the responsibility of this employee to hit the off switch before he tried to clear the jam. Over the decades, factories have killed many people, and in the great majority of the cases, human failure to comply was the cause. This may well be the case here.

    1. Perhaps, when a jam occurs, power systems should be made to automatically cut off to prevent these accidents.

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